How has the internet helped your walk with Christ?


I am curious, has the internet helpped you walk with Christ or has it been a hinderance? How and Why?


Absolutely a help! The study resources alone are incredible.

And of course, the forums which give you such a rich resource in being able to sharpen your mind and enrich your spirit with ideas and conversation that would not be as easily and instantly available otherwise.

Let’s face it, we don’t live in community like we did in the early days of Christianity. We don’t have the daily support that we really do need. Places like these provide that for us in a society that tends to shut people off from one another.

Even in church, it’s hard to find people who share your passion for spiritual conversation, it doesn’t matter what church or denomination you’re in. There are really only a core in each that seem to share the passion, and you can’t just hang around in each other’s hip pockets all day! :wink:

This satisfies the craving and need we have for that brotherhood in Christ.


I spend most of my web-time on CAF.

Reading inputs from members on CAF helps me tremendously. This including posts from non-Christians and Christians. It helps me pray more, go to mass more, being courage to control my temper, and learn more about my faith.

When I see someone falling away from his faith, I pray for the person. The thought that this could happen to me scares me somehow, but for this I thank God for guiding me and keeping me in His truth path. It helps me study my Catholic faith and trying to be prepared with some information when some non-Catholics/non-Christians approach me.

When I see someone being confused about the Eucharist, I try my best to go to Mass more and offer it up to God for those who do not understand or losing their faith.

When one is in doubt the role of Virgin Mary, I spend more time praying the Rosary which in turn helps me understand further the Rosary Mysteries especially the Sorrowful mysteries.

When I first came to this forum, I tended to get upset quickly when someone was saying something not right about my Catholic faith. I learn to either answer nicely or to ignore completely if I know I cannot control my temper. I learn to apology if I make mistakes. Controlling temper is the hardest thing in discussion board such as this one here.

Finally, what I enjoy the most is to see other members have found their way back Home - the Church of Christ - It makes me not only happy but also strengthens my faith.


Both. (Don’t care to detail that info…:blush: )

But definitely more of a help.


It points me towards all kinds of stuff I didn’t know. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad.


The internet has a big help.

I started to research terrorism, because I wanted to know why they were killing us. That led me to learn about Islam. And I found myself on many Protestant Web sites who criticise Islam. They also criticise the Catholic Church, and that led to me Catholic Web sites. And that led me to these forums.

And I tell ya, I feel at home on these forums. :slight_smile:


The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways! :wink: :smiley:

This place does kinda grow on a person! :slight_smile:


A tremendous help:thumbsup:

These forums have helped me grow in my faith and walk with Christ that words cannot express. Thank You God for leading Karl Keating in starting Catholic Answers.:slight_smile:


I would have been in the dark and basically clueless about the Catholic Faith. The resources out there are phenomenal!! I love it.


I had a spiritual experience that I could not articulate in words. I found CAF in my search for others who may have info about what in particular happened to me. Before that, I had only found examples in the Bible, but could not relate because these where pious people and at the time of the experience, I was not. My thoughts and experience far out weigh my capabilities to express them, It is fustrating at times. I lack a formal education. CAF has helped me fill in the holes and provided me with access to Church doctrine and dogma that coincides with my experience’s. This has been very confirming and has help strengthing my belief in the Catholic Church’s claim to be the church that was started by Jesus Christ. I have grown in my reasoning of the faith I was born into and been able to apply what I believe to words. But, at times CAF is a hinderence and seems like a exercise in vanity. I don’t like to debate. Not that I think I’m right and don’t want to discuss it, but because I see a kind of hardening of the heart as people defend what they believe as true. I see that more so then a conviction in the faith and it disturbs me. Alot of people try to out do the other in their knowledge about a particular subject. I would rather keep it simple stupid (kiss). I think the most helpful thing about the internet is the contacts I have made when it comes to prayer. Praying for people is empowering and I feel like I am making a contribution when at times, because of money and location , I would not be able to do so. So overall, my walk with Christ hasn’t been changed alot by the internet, but understanding it has. Thank you all for your help in my understanding of the things that have effected me and providing me with a spiritual outlet that I wouldn’t have without the connections of the web. Tim

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