How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


It’s not like we know the personal history of every priest and bishop out there or had any say in who got picked. This stuff is way beyond our control.

We can make our outrage publicly known and I’m sure the bishops in charge are already well aware of the upset and disappointment and number of people who will want to leave the Church over this without us having to launch an e-mail blitz or have a sit-in outside their office.


I think today’s Mass readings speak loudly to what is going on. If you haven’t read them or been to daily Mass today, just my opinion, but I think it might be a good idea to take a loook and read them, especially the Gospel but it is interesting how all of them go together and can be tied in to what is happening right now. They spoke pretty loud to me today.


Thoughts and prayers.


I don’t know yet. I’m still going to mass for now. But I have a lot of doubts. How can the magisterium be teaching truth if many aren’t living it?


At the end of the day we all gotta do what feels right


Yes, very true and certainly the victims and their families should be the most angry but I can’t even imagine how upset, saddened and angry the innocent priests must be that work very hard for the Church and for our souls. They know and must be so hurt over what people will be thinking of them. I agree leaving will only hurt us, them and the Church all the more.


Some aren’t living it but all of us are sinners.




Is anyone making any changes? How are you dealing with it

This news is international news. It tarnishes and even destroys the confidence of people in the Catholic Church. Fr. John Riccardo, referring to the 2002 Dallas Declaration, says the bishops have lost ALL credibility. I fell that way too. I have stopped contributing to my parish. If all the bishops understand is money, then I will use money to connect with my bishop.

Each diocese is basically an independent church under the local bishop. What happens beyond the local bishop is irrelevant. MY BISHOP has to do something or I will not support him. We have our own active scandals going on regarding TWO priests. Yeah, he’s planning a tour to Ireland. Isn’t that sweet? Ireland which has its own scandals and has 5 empty “sees.”

How are WE supposed to be evangelists and try to get people into the Church, with such deception and underhandedness going on? My evangelical relatives MOCK me and the Church.

One source quotes P. Francis as saying that the Church is full of homosexuals – referring to the current clergy.

The Pope and bishops make it into the evening news, because the Church is supposed to be last resort for morality, the Church professes to possess the truth. But, for example, in Australia, there is a move to remove the tax exempt status of the Church due to the criminal activities.

How much more of this craziness are we supposed to take?


I am blessed to have a Bishop who acts and quickly. Pray for your bishops


TRUST GOD and God alone. The rest will take care of itself!


All that matters is that YOU’R living it.


Do what you KNOW is Right and Just.


I’m as mad as anyone, but this isn’t great logic.


Indeed. Safeguard your family any way you can.


Part of the reason they do that is because they do not understand that we are there for the Eucharist. They do not understand that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ.

For them, they follow the pastors. If a pastor is good, they stay and listen. If he is not they leave and go somewhere else. They don’t understand Catholics staying where they are because of the True Presence of Christ.


meh, it’s how I feel sometimes


No, I get it. It’s an emotional response not a rational one.


Update: just talked to the juveniles at the detention center about Jesus. Felt God today.


I couldn’t make myself sad even if I wanted to.


A priest is NOT divine, nor is Mary, the Saints, or angels. No created being is divine. Only Jesus Christ is divine.

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