How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


Nah, I agree. We do need to root out the evil. I think we just disagree on what caused it.

I’m not Catholic by birth and since joining this forum I am honestly SHOCKED at the Catholics who REFUSE to let anyone speak what even amounts to a bad word about a priest. It’s very odd and a very destructive way to view things.

I can agree that mentality is problematic.

I don’t think priests and Bishops and the institution itself is a problem. I think our mentality towards it might be (based on what I’ve seen in this forum).


The “institution” is the problem.
It was set up as a “top-down monarchy”.
Priests and Bishops were “set apart” and treated with the utmost respect.
When the parish was one’s community, a priest or Bishop could make or break a person, clergy or lay.
The mantra was “pray, pay, obey, and don’t ask questions”.

Change is difficult to begin with. When you start wanting to take power away with that change, you are going to see a lot of resistance. That is where cover-ups are born.


I was at first - SHOCKED !
Then I felt - mortified - being a Catholic.

Felt angry too - at all the Priests involved. Demonic activity.
Looked up their faces on yahoo images.

Felt sympathy and compassion and sorrow - for the victims.

Imagine Jesus - going about the land - way back when -
having 4 of his disciples - always involved in true scandal such as this.
He’d be run out of town.
Just when men were starting to volunteer for priesthood - duties -
I see that - decreasing again.

Demonic activity fro HELL - like cancer - through out - the body of Christ.


Precisely, and that’s exactly what happened years ago. There are now stringent child protection procedures in place to deal with any ‘new’ cases of child abuse, and also measures to ensure no priest is left alone with a child.

So, yes, the CC has taken on board the travesty of what occurred, in the past and has dealt with it.


As a new convert… I just don’t understand. I have never viewed priests as above me. I was taught they are servants. But perhaps by the time I was brought in, the mentality was already shifting.

PS: Having witnessed a priest be accused and what happened after… I can say the response was swift, the priest was removed from service. There was no cover up or shifting to a new parish.


I wonder how many Catholics will give up on their faith because of this. How many will say the Church can’t be considered a moral authority?


And paragraph breaks. When there are hundreds of posts to read in a thread, the ones that put 5+ paragraphs of content into one giant wall of text get skipped first by me.


Yes, I skipped it. But then I am lazy.


I do not believe when asking a question of what is Truth or what are the Truths of the Church handed down by Jesus, the bishops or priests ever say just “trust us”. They are willing to teach and have provided us with many, many ways to learn the Truth.
We are an apostolic Church. Our faith was handed down to us by the apostles. We follow the Tradition that the Church has preserved all these years.
It is also our individual responsibility to read and study, to read the catechisms, the Bible (a Catholic bible), the encyclicals, the doctors of the Church and other saints writings and also to ask questions. There are good bishops and priests out there.

An excellent person, I think, to watch on EWTN, is Father Pacwa. He has a question and answer show and explains things very well and have never heard him just say “trust us”.
EWTN radio has many question and answer shows.

As far as Fridays and eating meat this is from the 1983 Code of Canon Law:
Canon 1250. The penitential days and times in the universal Church are every Friday of the whole year and the season of Lent.

— Canon 1251. Abstinence from eating meat or another food according to the prescriptions of the conference of bishops is to be observed on Fridays throughout the year unless ( nisi ) they are solemnities; abstinence and fast are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and on the Friday of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

*****— Canon 1253. The conference of bishops can determine more precisely the observance of fast and abstinence as well as substitute other forms of penance, especially works of charity and exercises of piety, in whole or in part, for abstinence and fast.

As someone else said, it is a discipline, not a doctrine and the conference of bishops decide.

God bless


Yes, with children.
But as we see by the McCarrick scandal, and now the scandal at St. John’s seminary in Boston, not to mention what is happening in seminaries around the world and with sisters who are also coming out with allegations of abuse at the hands of priests and Bishops, I can’t say that it has been “dealt with”.


I believe the Church is handling all of this. We have to put our trust in God and that He is the one leading the Church.


Politicians are accountable to their constituents on election day. Church leadership is not accountable to the laity because there is no election day. We can’t vote them out despite being told to follow their shepherding.

Isn’t that only in matters of the Faith? Once again, they’re just people.

Isn’t it Faith AND Morals? They’ve dropped the ball on the morals part.


This! If we give up on the Church, then Satan wins.


If that is the case, then explain how we got to where we are today.
I trust God, it’s the men who are supposed to serve him I am having trouble trusting.

I am sorry, but the time for hoping the clergy can clean up their own house is gone.


I’ve heard Catholics from the generation before me talk about priests who everyone knew they should stay away from. As a child I had no idea what molestation was about. Fortunately, it wasn’t part of my growing up. I wonder what it must have like back then? Where were the parents? In one of the most notorious cases in my diocese a young, hip and popular priest was driving around in a sports car and having regular sleep overs with boys. Today this would send up red flags all over the place.

We’ve cleaned up in our diocese. I think there have just been two credible accusations over the past 15 years and that has been by church employees. I could be wrong, but I do know at my parish we’re vigilant had have a safe environment for our children.


I am not and will not give up on the Church.
However, calling for men to be held accountable for their evil acts and bad decisions, is what we need to clean up our Church. And it needs to be loud and we, the laity, need to DEMAND accountability.


Here is probably the best summation of the situation that I have come across so far.

An interesting paragraph that I feel is easy to miss.

But meaningful lay involvement in personnel matters is a difficult thing for the Church to mandate, beyond the existing requirement for diocesan review boards, because of the Church’s theological understanding of the governance ministry of bishops, and because lay professional Church administrators can become as institutionalized as clerical collaborators, and can be, for reasons of job security, reticent to blow the whistle when bishops act negligently.


I posted before…but I’m still reacting. The Pope finally made a statement, which I think is not strong enough. This latest scandal publicity cost me a night of sleep and a day of missed activities and sullied the feast of the Assumption. I am still sickened by it and trying not to let it affect me any further. …but it is.
Someone said these priests were ‘only human’ and ‘fallible’. They are not ‘only human’ …they are monsters.


I am not attempting to excuse anything… but I think it helps to understand the culture of that time.

This is just how people were. You didn’t speak about abuse. You swept it under the rug. Often you blamed the victim.

I was not abused by priests but that was the mentality my aunts and uncles had, and why abuse flourished in my family for so long.


I’ll agree with that but we do not rely on man’s efforts. It is God who will clean His house and He will choose just the right men and the right way to do it. It is up to us, to cling firmly to Him and you aren’t going to find Him in any other religion, denomination, or secular environment. He is still in His Holy Church and just like the women who stood by Him at the cross, I think we need to be there for Him.

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