How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


I am so glad to hear this. I am still waiting for any priest in my immediate area to acknowledge there is anything going on in the church. I believe if one did many of my doubts would start to subside. You are very blessed. Thank you for sharing this.


I’m not sure I do want to hear any apologies. I’m hoping that there’s not a ‘letter from the bishop’ that the priest reads before Mass tomorrow.

I don’t want their apologies, their mea culpa . I want reform. I want specific action items that are published with a schedule that says, “We vow upon our sacred ordinations that we will do these things by this date…” I want them to be accountable to us and to God.

I don’t want thoughts and prayers. I don’t want platitudes about staying faithful. I’ll decide whether I stay faithful. I reject the empty promises.

I want laypeople (and laypeople only) to have full oversight of whether the leadership, from the dioceses to the Vatican, is meeting expectations and obligations. And I want the laypeople who are in positions of oversight to have sole authority to exclude any ordained person from public ministry if he turns out to be a scoundrel. The ordination may be from God—that can’t be revoked–but the job assignment is done purely at humans’ discretion.


I read with great sorrow about the victims of sexual abuse by some clergy in the Roman Catholic Church. I pray for the souls of the victims and perpetrators. There have been many heartening comments regarding the root cause of the abuse. One thing that disturbs or rather that I don’t understand is why the reluctance to call the abusers pedophiles? True, some of the abuse is homosexual in nature, but much of what I read is clearly the actions of pedophiles. Why are so many Catholics reluctant to acknowledge that pedophiles have used the priesthood, perhaps for centuries as a cover to abuse children? Why does it seem that defining the scandal as a homosexual scandal is more palatable to many Catholics? Homosexuality and pedophilia are separate issues. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but most pedophiles will abuse if given an opportunity. An aside: I am a convert of nearly two decades that has come to regret my conversion. In hindsight, it may have been a grave mistake. Peace.


This morning our priest gave a good homily. He didn’t apologize on behalf of the Church, didn’t ask for us to forgive the Church. He asked us to pray for the victims and characterized the actions and cover-up as criminal and demonic.

Then he said the one thing that I needed to hear him say, and I didn’t know I needed to hear it until he said it. He said, “People have asked me, ‘Why should I stay?’ and I have to admit that the thought has crossed my mind, too.”

I respect him. I can’t say that for very many clergy anymore.


I agree that case occurring in 2014 is definitely concerning. Someone clearly dropped the ball. That should never have happened.


Please don’t regret your Conversion to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is STILL the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH established by Jesus Christ Himself.

When many were leaving Our Lord because of His words that they must eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood to have life within them Our Lord asked Peter if He would leave too. Peter asked Jesus, Lord to Whom shall I go? Leaving the Catholic Church is like a person jumping out of a boat in the middle of the ocean because of a pinhole in the bottom of the boat. Sure the men in authority of the Catholic Church let many down. They were not the shepherds they were supposed to be. But what if everybody would have left Jesus back then because of what Judas did, we’d have no Church. What if everybody left Jesus because Peter the first Pope denied Him 3 times, we’d have no Church.

The Catholic Church has the TRUE FULLNESS of the Faith: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium. We have what was given to us DIRECTLY BY JESUS HIMSELF: The Priesthood, The Sacraments, The Mass, The Eucharist, The Papacy. We have in the Catholic Church Jesus Christ Himself Body Blood Soul Divinity, how could you leave Him just because of the failings of human men?

I’ll say it again if you leave the Catholic Church “Lord to whom will I go?”. NO other Church has the FULLNESS and TRUTH that the Catholic Church has.

PLEASE if you can listen to this very short homily given by Father Larry Richards to his congregation this past Sunday.
He was abuse at 17 by a member of the clergy while he was in the Seminary. He knew and lived with 10 of the men on the list of abusers. He reported 2 of them. He said nothing was done. BUT MOST IMPORTANT listen to Father Larry’s message today. He has the only answer. Don’t curse the darkness but bring it all to light and live in the light of Our Lord. That is the ONLY way to deal with this. Father Larry remains a Priest in Pennsylvania and is living proof that GOD TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL!


It affected the priest at my parish greatly. He started his homily with “if I have as a priest ever hurt any man, woman or child, may I got in hell for all eternity.”

Also he started crying during the consecration at “on the night he was betrayed.”


God bless the soul of that Priest for caring enough and being human enough to show his human sadness of what fellow clergy in the Church have done.

For him and for ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life:

3 Our Father (s)
3 Hail Mary (s)
3 Glory Be (s)


Some priests are guilty no doubt, but they were lead into temptation by the devil. There’s no doubt in my mind about that as well. The devil hates those ordained and works tirelessly to corrupt them. He’s been successful in way too many cases.

We should indeed be praying for all clergy by name, all the time.


Conversely se should be praying for the victims all the time…what about their names?


I didn’t make it though that part either without tearing up.


Praying for your priest and your parish. This really touched me and gives me hope that one day our Church will be restored.


Yes, but the victims deserve the privilege of privacy, and rightfully so. We can pray for them and God knows their names. It is a nonstop prayer in my heart


I dislike the mentality that ‘the devil made me do it’. Are we tempted? Sure. Do the demons rejoice and maybe even come into us when we willingly commit mortal sin? Maybe. Is this entirely the demons fault? No. These priests used their free will to make the wrong choices. That’s ENTIRELY on them.


Thank you for your kind words. Please pray that I may be strengthened in faith, hope, and love. I am in a much better place spiritually today than when I wrote those words. Peace!


I don’t think the victims need to have their privacy violated. We can effectively pray for them without that information.


I agree. God knows who they are.


It’s making me very depressed. I see stuff like this, and it makes me feel worse. innocent priest are going to be persecuted, just wait.


Already happened. A Byzantine priest was attacked today. Knocked to the ground and had his head bashed into the cement. THe person who attacked him was screaming: “This is for the kids.”

The priest in question had not been charged or suspected for abuse… he simply wore a collar so was a suspect.

No news reports on this yet but I’m sure you’ll see it soon.


Is the priest injured or dead?

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