How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


GOD HAVE MERCY on the good ones that will suffer because of the horrible actions of those not so good.


I can’t find any news on this online. Source?


I think we should pray and fast. That’s what I think we should do.


I think this is a local thing. She did mention that there were no reports yet.


Local diocese my sister attends released a bulletin announcement asking for prayers. It isn’t online yet.

From what I heard the priest who was attacked is in hospital and is alive.


That’s nice to hear.


Sounds similar to what I’ve seen happening in my diocese too. Priests crying saying the mass.

A priest at my parish went as far as saying that he was so thankful he was non of these abusive priests’ confessor because he would not absolve them.


That’s a pretty serious accusation.


I posted in the thread about Pope Francis’ letter… and will repost part of it here.

How has it affected me? Well, I’m so sick of churchmen talking and talking, but doing nothing.

I don’t even know what to do anymore. I entered the Church in 2002, during that long Lent where the bad news kept coming first from Boston but then from other dioceses. But now, I honestly don’t know how much longer I can hang on to my faith. I’m trying, I really am, but various bishops and now the pope don’t make it easy by any means.

Pope Francis’ record on responding to abuse over the last 5 years is stunningly, terribly, bad. And the American bishops for the most part aren’t good either. (Notice that the only bishop, past or present, of those 6 dioceses in the PA grand jury report that seemed to come out looking halfway decent was the current bishop of Erie, Bp. Persico. The others? Not good.)

I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I’m still going to Mass, but my oldest child has stopped going for the most part. I can’t fathom leaving the Eucharist, but I find myself increasingly drawn back to my Protestant roots as the crisis in the Church drags on. St. Michael the archangel, defend us.


I think it’s called an ad hominem.


Keep in mind, those types of things happen in Protestant churches too. There is a Protestant website, I can’t remember if it’s or that actually flat out says that people shouldn’t pretend like it’s a Catholic problem. One of the churches mentioned, in the list they gave, is a Baptist Church, a very large one near where I live. It’s a human problem. what frustrates me, is when people act like it only happens with Catholic priests, they need to be looking into public schools


Yes, they do and I do know that, which is a large part of what keeps me in the Catholic Church honestly, knowing it might not be better elsewhere. But the bishops’ corruption in all this is stunning and heartbreaking. In most Protestant denominations (other than a few that have kept the hierarchical structure), the rot wouldn’t go all the way to the top worldwide because of their decentralized structure. Problems in congregations, sure, but it wouldn’t be a concentrated effort to conceal and minimize worldwide. The pope’s letter honestly made me very angry – all talk, no action.


I don’t live in PA, but just this weekend I learned a priest from the parish I grew up in had credible allegations against him, and my diocese paid a very large settlement to his victims.

He was the priest who heard my first confession. I feel a little shaken up.



Here is an interesting article by then Father Joseph Ratzinger back in 1969…while it doesn’t specifically address sexual abuse cases it does give a prophetic insight on what might become of the church…I wonder if he…as Pope Benedict XVI had some knowledge of what was going to happen with the sexual abuse by some priests and had resigned because of his age…that he wouldn’t have the strength to stand against the onslaught and shame that it was going to cause the Catholic church


Praying for you and know that it is ok God loves you and He in in charge.

Also praying for that Priest that he has made his peace with God.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


Exactly. We don’t need their names to pray for them. God knows who they are.



When you are mired in sin it’s impossible to be holy. It’s impossible to live a virtuous life. Grave sin engaged in frequently compromises any effort to preach the gospel or evangelize. Satan watches and waits. He keeps record of our sins. He accuses us before God. He accuses the sinner. In the case of an abusive priest, one not living his vows he traps you in a web of darkness that only prayer, fasting, and outside intervention can save.


It has affected me personally, but in a way I’m not willing to share. (I was not a victim!)

I do think of the victims and pray for them.


While terrible and completely unjustified that innocent priests would be physically attacked for the sins of the evil among them, I can’t say I’m surprised. The RCC’s half backward and often, enabling, response to the level of abuse inside its walls has been staggering. Even today there is more talk and not enough action. And I’m not talking another commission or some such. The Vatican and the dioceses need to clean house from top to bottom. Too much of the current leadership has been pegged as at least turning a blind eye which can’t be tolerated. If the RCC is ever going to reclaim the moral leadership it claims to possess, they need to get drastic. Even if it means the innocent are stripped of leadership. Only with fresh leadership who take decisive and complete action on their underlings consistently (ie: full cooperation with civil authorities for example), can the RCC help itself. The time for “thoughts and prayers” passed a long time ago on this matter.

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