How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


Not just NOW, this has been the practice since 2003 (in the US).


I’m more cognizant of the need to support my priests with my prayers, encouragement, and contributions.
May God grant them strength as they labor in His vineyard.


I cancelled my vacation to Pennsylvania. I was looking toward to going there in January to experience the forlorn, frozen wasteland of post-industrial urban living. But that’s off now.:sunglasses:


Because of the priests?


Has sort of a (fictional) Paddy’s vibe.


There is a problem with this, I will admit that. There will be people who will use this to their advantage, and there are people who wouldn’t think twice about lying to either get back at someone they are angry with or to get money. However, it is true that hundreds or even thousands of kids lives have been ruined by this, and we can’t discount people who come forward. The cases we have heard about had some proof to back it up. Getting kids to tell is the key. I think what has to be done, is for children and teens to learn that they must tell an adult they trust if it has happened to them, no matter who did it to them. A lot of these teens have been groomed and love and respect the priest who did this to them. It really messes with their psyche. It is a difficult situation, but one thing is for sure. Priests should no longer take a vow to obey the Bishop, because how many stories have we heard about other priests knowing but were told to shut up by their Bishops, and they couldn’t tell anyone? It is ridiculous.


I agree about getting kids to talk, and we also need to get parents to act if the child does tell. Many parents downplay situations out of fear of looking foolish or afraid they are overreacting. And some parents won’t “disrespect” by confronting them or going to other authorities.


Valid points, but I have two follow up comments for you.

  1. The American justice system was designed first and foremost to protect the innocent. The system was purposeful designed to error on the side of innocent. In other words, some criminals might go free in order to protect the innocent from going to jail. It’s not perfect, but that was the intent.

  2. I just want to make a point that priests do not take a “vow” to obey their bishop. They make promises. There is a difference. The main issue priests have is that the bishop controls every single aspect of their lives. I.E. where they live, where they work, when they may retire, where they can live when they retire, what education they can procure, etc, etc, etc.

God Bless


Well, I would say that was very true in generations past. But I don’t think as true anymore. Sure, there might be some parents who would rather keep it quiet, but most TODAY would act.


Absolutely! Priests take NO vows. They make promises to their bishop and his successors.


I’ve never been an altar boy so I missed out on this part of Catholic experience. I’m fine with missing out but I’m sad for all victims because they deserved better than how they were being treated for many years. I expect a highest ethical standard in the Catholic Church & no more excuses to move “problem” around the world.


AMEN. It is staggering.


Yes! We have to insist on change and protection for our youth of all ages!

There was corruption among some clerics at the time of St. Francis of Assisi. He focused on reforming himself and becoming exceedingly holy. St. Francis and his followers helped to reform the Church at that time.

That reminds me that I must become holier with the help of the grace of the Lord.


There’s a reason so many Eastern Europeans settled here. :grin:



Please, give me a link to the official documents. I’ve never heard this.


There are lawsuits about a Priest here in Louisiana recently and this priest is DEAD. NOW WHY bring it out now and HOW ON EARTH can a dead man defend himself. I think if you didn’t bring it out in the open when he was alive he is now judged by God and there is no better judge than God because He knows all. LET IT GO!

ALL victims of abuse deserve to be heard and deserve to be helped. I pray for them.

But I worry about the innocent clergy that have been accused and what it has done to them. EVEN if cleared they are never looked at the same again.

And I’m going to say it even though this will not be popular, SOME are accusing falsely to get money. When Dioceses decided to pay those claiming abuse by clergy many jumped on the bandwagon and made false reports just for the money. WHY give an abused person money. Instead have them set up therapy and counseling for life if needed and yes have the Church pay for all of that but giving money just puts a whole new ugly face on all of this. Money being given to the abused just sets up a bad way of dealing with any of this.

AS I always say here, PRAY UNCEASINGLY for ALL Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocations to the Priesthood or Religious Life. WE NEED good, holy, devout Priests. Without them NO Mass, NO Eucharist, NO Sacraments. They need our prayers.


The abused deserve some form of compensation, and money seems to be the only thing that can be offered. They probably need it to pay for counseling.


BUT why can’t the therapy counseling bills be sent directly to the Diocese and paid by them. Handing out money makes for easy and false accusations.


Victims need, and deserve, some form of compensation. After all they’ve been through, at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church, do you really want to send the message to them that their pain is worthless?


NO amount of money given to them will change what happened or help them. Counseling/therapy will.

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