How has the Pennsylvania scandal affected you personally?


With the exception there was no creditable evidence again kavanaugh. There is plenty against these bishops.


It’s a real chance to learn about the Bible. As attending both, the sermons are better in a Bible based church. Also the people in the pews are much more friendly and interactive. I enjoy learning the differences and I find they are closer than you may think. I don’t care for the fact they can meet in Rome and change the catechism whenever they wish even though the scriptures are at odds with it. Embracing sodomy to pacify people as they are doing now is not for me anymore. Sadly the Catholic church has been invaded and legally there is no way to get these people out once they are in. I like the old standards…


To be blunt, this and other recent scandals of the Church make it harder for me to defend being Catholic to my friends and family.

It’s exhausting to keep having to explain to people why I still go to mass or donate money to my parish or Catholic organizations. Completely exhausting and deflating. In my heart I know that the Church is bigger and better than these evil people, but the effect they’ve had on thousands of victims and their families has damaged my own faith.


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