How have recent Catholic Saints viewed other religions?

How have recent Catholic Saints viewed other religions?

Mother Teresa and John Paul II both seemed to get along with those of different religions.

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I think most saints are more concerned in getting the Lord’s work done rather than worry about what religion might that person come from. I think saints love God so much that they see Jesus in every person of every race and religion.


Mother Teresa worked mainly with Hindus and Muslims, and that seemed to be how she saw people.

I love Mother Teresa! I have a priest friend from the Mother Teresa Regional Project in India who comes to visit every year.

Recent Catholic saints were all Catholic. :slight_smile:

That they were not another religion says, at least, that they thought the Catholic Church was the best to belong to. Given the wisdom and grace that all the saints possess, that ought to tell you all you need to know.

:thinking:Hmmmm, So the SAINTS could simple ignore TRUTH in your view?

How does that work?



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