How have you been personally affected by illegal immigration?

I am curious to hear from posters about how they have been specifically affected by illegal immigration, for better or for worse.

I worked with illegal immigrants for years and never had a problem with it. It didn’t affect me. I still found employment in a field where lots of illegal immigrants were employed. I also grew up in a farming town where most of the population were immigrant farm workers.

That’s the extent of my experience. Anyone else? Anyone here been victimized by illegal immigration? Anyone the child of illegal immigrants? Please share any of your thoughts.

News article link is needed

Countries like USA and Australia were taken over by uninvited immigrants who then go on to configure laws that less than 300 years after their own arrival seek to excuse other uninvited immigrants. Some of the uninvited immigrants arguably have more inherent right to be present on the American or Australian continents than anyone with European ancestry. Worth a thought.

One might make such a case for full blooded natives from Mexico or Central America, or Aboriginals from Canada, entering the USA. But even then, ethnic groups never associated with its territory could not make such a claim.

I rather doubt those now trying to get into AU are to any extent ex-Aboriginals.


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