How honest are the Evangelical Apologists, defending the Bible?


I am the member of the Baptist Church.
I read some books of the famous Evangelical Apologists , who are defending the Absolute Authority of the Bible.
But reading the article of one Catholic Scholar, I have found the accusation, that Evangelicals are not objective defending their Bible.
Are there any proves ?


I would strongly advise you to read Rome Sweet Home by Professor Scott Hahn. He is a Scripture Scholar, ex-Presbyterian anti-Catholic minister who is now a Catholic teaching at Franciscan University in Steubenville.

It was his study of Scripture that convinced him of the truth of Catholicism.

Go here… type Hahn into the ‘Guest’ box and listen to *Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium *(parts 1, 2 & 3)


Are there any serious pretensions to the Apologetics of George McDowell or M. Arthur ?


There are no logical 100% proofs. Problems in the Church have been around much longer than the new testament. Read the letters of James, Peter, John, and Jude.

Standard Catholic points-of-view might be:

*]What makes one’s own interpretation THE correct one? There are plenty of interpretations, all claiming to be right. People are actually defending their choice of which interpretation to follow, rather than the bible.
*]Which Church has the history, however ugly it might be, and documentation to know how the bible has been translated through the centuries? There are a few. None of them Evangelical Protestant.[/LIST]Which Church gets ALL the moral questions right? There is only one. In the western world THE moral question that separates the Catholic Church from the pack is artificial birth control. Period. The Catholic Church stands alone as the major Christian religion condemning artificial (and other forms) of contraception, while Evangelical Protestantism turns a blind eye to it all. The Pope speaks the truth about moral issues while others are busy attacking Mary.

Thanks for asking.


The Bible and only the Bible is the Religion of the Protestants.

I see , how we defending the Bible it seems like ;
-before You have the question , I have an answer already,

  • I am proving the Bible by all truths and untruths , just because it is the God’s Word from Heaven.

I know that the serious arguments are not against the Catholics but definitely against the Evangelicals.
I just want the Facts.


Also, ask them how do they know that there are supposed to be 27 books? Perhaps there should be 30 books, or maybe only 25.
Also, Protestants teach the doctrine of “faith alone,” yet the only place in the Bible that mentions “faith alone” is in the book of James that says “we are not justified by Faith alone.” I used to be a Baptist, and I couldn’t reconcile what I was taught with what I read in Scripture. This eventually led me into becoming Catholic.


Yes. In the western world, the Catholic Church’s stand on artificial birth control puts it at the head of the pack.

And there are just as many “Catholics” who reject the Church’s teachings on artificial birth control as Protestants, worldwide there are probably MORE.

This is the one issue to which I have never seen a serious Protestant challenge. Search these forums and you will see that the Protestants who challenge us “disappear” from threads without a trace, or move on to threads about idolatry, Maryology, call no man father, the chair of Peter, etc.


Sorry I am just getting nit picky. The bible is not your religion unless you worship the bible itself. Jesus is the basis for your religion.:slight_smile: If a tyrant came into power tomorrow and burned all bibles would people be unable to become Christians because their are no more bibles?


I am sure that the Book Worship is unnatural.
The Book Worship is excuse for all possible sins.
Because the prove is ‘’ It is written !!! ‘’

Very often the Evangelical Spiritual Zeal is not combined and not balanced with Recover Mind, and with Wisdom.

I heard that , there are the proves which confirm that some Biblical Texts are not Historical but Mythical . Because in the Egyptian and Chaldean Literature , and in the literature of other Nations , the archeologists have found the similar stories and events , which written in the Bible.
I think these arguments are only the compliment to the Catholicism but not to the Book Worship.
Therefore I am trying to explore this topic more.


The Church Fathers , they were in doubt, they were arguing, they were discussing,about the Divine Inspiration of that or that book.

They were arguing what Book is Inspired , how Divine level the Inspiration has, what is human and what is Divine in the Book .
But the way how the Bible is defended today it seems no difference from the Spiritualism Practice.



Born a sinner, Born Again Baptist


You see allischalmers ?
There are doubts about the authority of some Biblical Books,
I mean some things written there can be just Mythical , Allegorical, the Books which You read , and You have to consider the time they were written, and also what is there related to that time, what is there human.

I have no doubts about the Theophany.
I have no doubts about Bibles Good Message.
The Catholic Doctrine of Incarnation is no doubt.
The Catholic Doctrine of Trinity is no doubt.
The ‘‘Shedevre’’ of the Four Catholic Gospels is no doubt.
Not hundred Gospels, not five, but Four Catholic Gospels.
Including those corresponding Letters to one another by the Apostles…
The Church produced these Documents ( which You call the Bible)
The Bible is the Word of God, even if there is human element there.
But I have noticed myself that we make our Apologetics so Absolute , so sure , that there is no room for the doubt.


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