"How I became pro-life" by Jennifer Fulwiler



Jennifer is a convert to Catholicism from Atheism. She writes clearly, articulately, and right on the money. She lays out ‘choice’ and ‘life’ positions in a manner which should resonate with anyone who also made that transition. I posted it on my Facebook for my ‘friends’ group, noting that I was doing so, not to make a point, but to share insight into who I am.

Read the piece, bookmark it. You will come across people who will benefit from the way she moves from the position of ‘cells/fetus/baby’ or ‘quality of life the child would be born into’ very effectively.

A few excerpts:
“It took my breath away to witness the level of evil that normal people can fall into supporting. They were talking about infanticide, but completely refused to label it as such. It was when I considered that these were educated, reasonable professionals who were probably not bad people that I realized that evil always works through lies. I also took a mental step back from the entire pro-choice movement. If this is what it meant to be “pro-choice,” I was not pro-choice.”

“It wasn’t until I re-evaluated the societal views of sex that had permeated the consciousness of my peer group, took a new look at the modern assumptions about the act that creates those fetuses in the first place, that I was able to let go of that internal pressure I felt, and to take an unflinching look at my views on abortion.”




agreed, God Bless, Memaw


I remember seeing her on an episode of “The Journey Home” a little over a year ago.

She was a very articulate speaker. :thumbsup:


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