How I believe Darwin actually proved Biblical creationism


from elementary school, I have been forcefed Darwin’s great discoveries, how he answered life’s questions for so many people, gave them the tools to question established religion (I fail to see how this was a good thing), blah blah blah. however, upon my recent undertaking of studying my Bible, I have found compelling similarities between Darwin’s theory and the Bible. just wanted to hear some opinions. I appoligize if I make any mistakes anywhere, or if someone else already proposed this theory. Im only 16, so as far as I know no one else had said such, but that doesn’t really stretch too far.


according to scientists, there was a Big Boom that created the sun and the planets.

The Bible teaches that at first there was nothing, only God. they He said - Let there be light

scientists - the combination of the various gasses created the atmosphere

The Bible says God next formed a dome surrounding the earth

scientists - there were most likey volcanoes whose lava created dry land

The Bible says God organized the sea into sections to allow for dry land

scientists - the first organisms came from a combination of gases and most likely could not move

The Bible says God first made plants

scientists - the first organisms lived in the sea, ‘evolving’ from those that could not move

The Bible says God first populated the sea

scientists - these organisms then moved onto land and continued to ‘evolve’

The Bible says God then populated the earth with animals

scientists - men were the last species created

The Bible says humans were the last creation

I know there are some points to be argued, such as the evolving points, but I do believe that all was created by God, and that with more research the two will be compadable, I just find it very interesting that both sequences of events happened in the same order

Other interesting points

The men who wrote down the Inspired word of God, were just that, men. Therefore - particles of sand were most likely the smallest and most logical thing they knew, as they Jewish people came from the Middle Eastern area. Therefore, they would not understand ‘cell’ as anything more than something very small, and sand was something they understood, and also something that matched their skin tone, so when recording the creation of man, they used sand since they would not understand cells.

also, science now claims to be able to trace back the DNA of every person to a single man. well then. where did that first woman come from? EXACTLY - from ADAM, as the Bible describes. I truly believe that we Christians must simply be patient, that in time, scientists will simply prove what we already know.


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You may be onto something, but you may also be reading too much into the Genesis story. Bottom line is the Catechism (paragraphs 159, 283-284) supports modern science, and that the Bible and science need not conflict.

One thing is the order of creation seems to be out of place with modern science, the sun (and the moon) not being created until the fourth “day”, “the greater light” and “the lesser light.” And birds appear before reptiles (while evolution says reptiles, then birds), and whales before land mammals (while evolution says land mammals, then whales).

Also, “let the land produce” vegetation, and “let the land produce” creatures, could be seen as a kind of evolution.

Reading too much modern science into the Bible though is called “scientific concordism” maybe not a good idea since it is not a science text, as even Pope John Paul II in “Cosmology and Fundamental Physics” has said.

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Originally Quoted by PhilVaz:

Reading too much modern science into the Bible though is called “scientific concordism” maybe not a good idea since it is not a science text, as even Pope John Paul II in “Cosmology and Fundamental Physics” has said.

Yep. That reminds me of some St. Augustine I was reading earlier today. In his *City of God *St. Augustine, among other things, believes that when God said, “Let there be light,” He was not referring to the sun or photon rays, but to angels. He had some other interesting views on Genesis, too.


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