How important is honesty

It can be refreshing hearing my friend openly discuss her imperfections with sins. Of course many find this as an opportunity to jump in and correct. While her transparency can range from refreshing to hilarious to over the top. She makes herself open to be taken advantage of. Often people talk about sin as if they do not commit it. I think sins should not be condoned but made at least understandable. Why are sins such as a secret? It seems like the only time people address sin when it is societal or someone else’s. This approach is not good for everyone obviously. Perhaps this is why I like reading books it gives you the opportunity to enter someone’s and makes you realize no one is inherently pure. There are GREAT dangers with this approach. At times I do get tired of friendships were people try to appear like saints.

Certain things should be DEFINITELY be kept private.

Your “friend” needs help.

Good spiritual direction.

Somehow I don’t think that will happen though.

Apparently, honesty is not important at all when running for political office! Say whatever you want one day, then say the opposite the next, whatever it takes to get elected :mad: (rant is now over :D).

Honesty is always important, but how much you choose to reveal depends on a wide variety of factors, such as how much you trust the other party, the sensibility of the other party (and there are a wide range of sensibilities on an online forum like this!), and your level of intimacy with whomever you are sharing (there are many things strangers just don’t need to know!). It is a rare and true blessing when you find someone with whom you can be completely honest, who will not betray you or be offended in some way.

It sounds like you are your friend’s unofficial therapist.

One should always be honest, but that needs tempered with discretion and charity. Not only for one’s own sake, but for the sake of others.

Well said. :thumbsup:

A friend of mine used to be fond of saying, “Always tell the truth… but don’t always tell it.” :slight_smile:

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