How important is mary in the catholic church?


I have noticed that mary has a HUGE importance in the church,and sometimes i feel as if she is favored over jesus christ!..
(i think we have all seen this)!

Does she hold any power in heaven?

I have noticed in my local parish also that mary is mentioned alot more than jesus and is looked as if she has a more importance!

Anyone notice this?


Well, at Mass last Sunday I heard Mary mentioned once in the Confiteor and once in the Creed.

I heard Jesus mentioned many times: The opening blessing, the Gloria, at the end of all the prayers, during the Epistle and the Gospel, the Creed, the Eucharistic Prayer, the Agnus Dei, the closing blessing, and in three of the hymns. Beside that, I heard Jesus’ words spoken directly to us in the Gospel, and He became present in the Eucharist, which I received. And the entire Mass is directed to God with the Eucharistic Sacrifice as its center.

So I would have to say that I have not noticed this phenomenon which seems to be going on in your parish.


No, I have not noticed the phenomenon you mention in my parish, nor in the many parishes I have attended in my life.

Mary’s importance to Catholics, indeed all Christians, is that her “fiat” in saying yes to Christ was the first example of perfect obedience TO Christ. It was the reversal of Eve’s first example of DISobedience.

Mary’s role is surely important–mother of the Savior, spouse of the Spirit, daughter of the Father–but WHY is it important?

SOLELY because of the ONE she bore.
Respect, honor, and love for Mary as the MOTHER of CHRIST can ONLY lead to respect, honor, and love for God. Jesus, like the rest of us, obeys the commandments, one of which I believe is, “Honor thy father and mother”. According to Catholic teaching, since Jesus is our brother, that makes Mary OUR mother, too. I certainly honor my mother Mary, who bore my brother and Savior; my mother, whose example of obedience and humility and whose life was perfectly devoted to God is SURELY an example that I as a woman should strive to emulate, and whose maternal love for us ALL is solely focused on bringing US to JESUS.

I notice, godsent, that you say “appears” to have, and that you extrapolate “your parish” into “the entire Catholic Church”.

Do you ASK these people about their feelings? Do THEY say that they think Mary is more important? Do they honestly call Mary their Savior and think that SHE died on the cross? Have you ever in listening to the rosary and meditating thought about how it is not Mary centered but CHRIST centered?

And, my friend, please show me where in Catholic teaching, as opposed to individual practice, PARISH practice, even diocesean or country-wide practice , it says that “Mary is more important than Jesus.”


Not to be uncharitable, I hope, but there’s a little verse about “removing the plank from your eye before attending to the speck in your brother’s eye”.

I have a strong suspicion that your “plank” is your OWN confusion about Mary which leads you to “project” your confusions onto OTHERS and then question their “confusing practices”, ESPECIALLY since the posts I’ve seen from you on many subjects appear to deal mainly with how things LOOK TO OTHERS, rather than on the INWARD INTENT of a given person or group, and especially they seem to focus less on what the Catholic faith TEACHES but upon individual Catholics and how they “appear” to YOU.

God bless.


Jesus and Mary are NOT in competition. Sheesh. I’m sure Jesus gets cranky when people love His mother like He does. :rolleyes:

Seriously, don’t let the people who deny Scripture by refusing to call her blessed make you feel scrupulous for trying to act Christ-like.

Read this:


I read an article in Catholic Answers Sept/Oct 2005 entitled “Why we Call Mary Queen.” It’s sorta of relavent so I thought I would share.

There is an example in the Old Testament about Queen Bathsheba. She was the mother to King Solomon. When Solomon becomes King, his mother, Bathsheba, becomes Queen. She now is an advocate for those who wish to be heard by the king.

When she enters the room where the Solomon is, the King stands and bows to her.

So in ancient times the mother becomes the Queen. Since Jesus is the King and Mary his Mother, she becomes Queen mother.

Mary is OUR advocate in heaven. “She is the most powerful intercessor in Christ’s kongdom, presenting our needs beore His throne.”

If Jesus and God honor her so much…

If God gives us the very commandment to honor and lover your father and mother…

If Jesus is king over all the earth…

…Then Mary is our mother queen and we must honor her. Worship her? No. Honor her. Bring our petitions to her. Pray to her to keep us close to Jesus.

She is our advocate not our savior but hse is honored by our savior, her savior, and so we must honor her.


I think the title should be:

Oh, how important Mary is for the human race!

Funny Chestertoninan observation. Many people attack the church for not ordaining women and say the CC is discriminant to women and with the same breath criticize the church for ‘praying’ to Mary whom they call ‘just a woman’.

in XT.


[quote=godsent]I have noticed in my local parish also that mary is mentioned alot more than jesus and is looked as if she has a more importance!

Anyone notice this?

Could be that during this time of year, we celebrate many events in Mary’s life (the Assumption, the birth of Mary) and feast days in honor of her (Our Lady of Sorrows).

If you think that Mary is mentioned a lot in church, think of this: We have days to remember Our Blessed Mother - but we also have entire seasons to commemorate the Lord Jesus: Advent (Christmas) and Lent (a whole 40 days!) in addition to Holy Week and Easter.

Personally, I think Mary and Jesus balance out pretty nicely! :smiley:


[quote=Tonks40]If you think that Mary is mentioned a lot in church, think of this: We have days to remember Our Blessed Mother - but we also have entire seasons to commemorate the Lord Jesus: Advent (Christmas) and Lent (a whole 40 days!) in addition to Holy Week and Easter.

Don’t forget every single Sunday :thumbsup:


Yeah, i was going to say that, too, that Mary had a bunch of special days, like her birthday, this month, which may explain the mentioning of her.
I’d also like to point out (as i think i may have done before) that when we honor Mary and the saints, it brings God closer to us because we see HOW he works in individuals and we are given hope that if we open up to him, he will do the same for us. By not honoring his “works” we keep him a distant concept that is hard to apply to our everyday lives.
Furthermore, Mary is the New Eve. Just as the original Eve had a big part in our fall from grace, New Eve had a big part in helping us become worthy of salvation. She is not our saviour by any means, but you cannot deny the important things she did for us. Jesus performed his first miracle at her request. She prayed with the apostles for nine days until the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit lovingly preserved her from sin so as to make her a worthy receptacle for our Lord. She shared in Jesus’ suffering during his passion. Now her suffering did not redeem us, but so perfectly was her will aligned with God’s that she endured her son’s torture and deatth without trying to save Him or dissuade Him, as Peter did. When we honor Mary, we honor God because she is what He intended all of us to be like; meek and mild and allowing His will alone to shine through and perfect us. :thumbsup:


Like someone said Jesus and Mary are not in competition. The Mother points to her son. Consider the rosary. It is about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ primarily with a couple of the glorius mysteries being about her (though still in one sense about Christ for he honored her with these things, assumption and queenship, Pslam 45, the queen sits at your right hand arrayed in gold). We are to reflect on HIS life, death, and resurrection while we ask HER to join us in prayer and to interceed for us. This sounds pretty Christ centered to me. But who am I?



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