How injured is too injured to go to Mass/Liturgy?

What say ye? Attending vs. sucking it up and going?

Obviously injured enough to be in the hospital or unable to drive/get a ride would be inhibiting, and simply needing a band-aid is not, but outside of those cases…

If you are not bedridden or contagious with a serious disease, then you should go. What other injury would prevent you from going?

The standard I use is would I participate in other activities? For example, would I go to work? If a friend called and invited me to lunch would I go? If I would call in sick to work or turn down my friend’s invitation, then I’m too sick (or injured or contagious) to go to Mass. If I’m well enough to go to work or lunch, then I’m also well enough to go to Mass.

Obviously an injury may preventing you from attending logistically. If you can get to mass, then you should go, allowing for the following…

An injury may cause pain and perhaps you really need to rest. That’s a judgment call and it will differ for any given individual and any given injury. Only the person experiencing the pain can know whether it is a sufficient problem for them or whether they are using it as an excuse to miss mass because they simply don’t want to go. Just be honest with yourself and make the best judgment call you can.

This is a sensible approach.


If your ability to see or use your limbs is at issue, or for whatever reason you have difficulty in staying awake, that would be a valid “out”.

Otherwise count it toward your penance, IMNAAHO.


Back strain?

You’re too injured if going would injure your relationship with God, or injure your body. The point is to not push yourself harder than you think is appropriate. The Church has taught, “If you can go, you should. If you can’t, it’s okay.”

This is the best advice.

I missed Mass last week because I’d just returned home from the hospital after surgery on Friday. If it wasn’t so icy I may have tried it anyway despite not being allowed to drive, but you can’t go by me because I’m a bit dumb.

FWIW, I think this is an unfair question to ask strangers on an internet site. How do they know the extent of the injury? Only the injured know that and even there they may not know their own limitations. Maybe the doctor may be able to help you better.

You could get a million different opinions on this by asking it here. You can use your own best judgment and trust in the love and mercy of God. If you stayed home because of back pain trust that God is not policing you over your decision.

The Church does not issue a list.

Common sense is required.

 The body's recovery is not to be downplayed; all surgery requires recuperation, and that. ' s an awfully short period to be putting your body to the test. (There's an old saying 'There's no such thing as "minor"surgery.) God gives us His son in the holy sacrifice because He cares for us; that means He doesn't expect us to not take care of ourselves.
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