How insulting!


My husband has a friend who was baptized RC but as a child his family converted to a non-denominational Christian church. He is single and trying really hard to find a good lady to marry and start a family with and has not had to much success in the dating world recently. So my husband offered to introduce him to an unmarried sister of a friend of mine Who is a very practicing RC. Now, I don’t think the sister would date a non Catholic but any way… my hubbys friend said he was not interested when he has kids he wants to raise them as “Christians”. uh HELLO WHAT DOES HE THINK WE ARE???:shrug:


A Protestant could have written the same thing.

Sadly, it goes both ways.


Catholics aren’t Christians? I wish Jesus would have explained that to Peter and all the subsequent Christians for a thousand years or so. It must be a pretty weak God who can allow His Church to error so profoundly.:rolleyes:


OK so obviously this could be time for anger or it could be a great oportunity to educate and evangelize :thumbsup::rolleyes::D.



If your husband’s friend sees in you and your husband, the fire, the love and the passion for Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, that most of us Catholics lack, then he will surely reconsider!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


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