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I don’t understand this. If I pray directly to God, He will decide whether to grant my request or not. Are you saying that intercessory prayer increases the likelihood that God will grant my prayer request? Would it ever be the case that God was going to deny my prayer request, but since I ask for intercession of Mary, He then granted my request?


We don’t know the answer to this. All we do know is St. Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 2:3 that praying for one another is good and acceptable to God. For some reason He desires us to pray as a family for one another and not just keep our woes between Him and me.

This question holds no merit. Because if taken to the full extent are you claiming that the only reason God didn’t deny your prayer was because you asked? If this is the basis for not involving others to pray with you then you would have to also quit praying to God because the scriptures tell us God already knows what we need before we ask, so why does He need us to waste our time asking?

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Good question.


We ask because He wants us to ask. OK I heard or read this story once. I am paraphrasing a lot because with my memory it’s best to--------a young man spent the day at a sports event. He had a GREAT time with his friends, they ate and laughed and had a ton of fun. The young man enjoyed himself a ton. When he got home he got on the phone & talked to his girlfriend and told her what a GREAT day he had and EVERYTHING he and his friends did and said. He didn’t leave out anything. His Father was in another room not very far away from the son when he was telling his girlfriend about his excellent day. He heard everything When he finished the Father went into the room where the son was and said so you had a good day. The son said it was ok and that was it. The Father KNEW every word and every detail about the day but he wanted to hear his son tell it to him.

YES God of course KNOWS everything. He knows EVERY second of our lives—the good, the bad, the ugly, the joys, the hardships, the needs we have. But He wants to hear it from us. He KNOWS what we NEED. But He wants us to ASK HIM and continue asking Him because He is our Father, Our Creator, Our Lord. We are His children no matter how old we get. He wants us to “visit” Him if we can in Adoration but if we can’t we can still share our day with Him. Remember He wants to hear it from us directly and He wants us to bring our needs to Him. Asking Mary or the Saints to intercede is just asking for extra prayers like we do from family members.


It is for man’s dignity and glory that God wants him to ask for grace and favor, because it makes man co-creator with Him.

Well all know that God is the Beginning and Source of all things in this world, but by letting man ask Him first before He does something good, He gives man the ability to be the co-starter and co-source of good things in this world too.


The parable of the unjust judge answers this question.


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