How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

Even though statistics show that domestic terrorism and white supremacists are a much bigger threat to Americans than radical Islam, anti-Muslim sentiment and hate crimes have swelled in America in recent years.
Now, a disturbing string of nationally coordinated rallies – some that may draw angry and armed protestors – is being planned for October 9 and October 10 at roughly 20 mosques or Islamic centers across the country. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has warned mosques to take extra security measures during the so-called “Global Rally for Humanity” events. Muslim leaders are advising the community to take the “moral high ground” and avoid direct confrontation with protestors who bring messages of hate onto sacred ground.
But American Muslim communities are not being left to face these protestors alone. Interfaith groups are stepping in, offering to organize counter protests, build peace circles and engage in long-term community building.

Something like this to appease the masses?

I find it rather disturbing… Places of worship should be respected whether Mosques, temples or churches… So it’s probably a good thing that interfaith groups are extending their concern.

Locally I haven’t heard of any rallies around where I live.

We’ve always stood though with churches that have been vandalized or graffitied…

I’m a news junkie & have heard nothing about this, anywhere.

But after reading the first line of the quote - utter nonsense - I imagine so are the rallies.

HuffPo…what else can be said…? :rolleyes:

I wonder how many interfaith activists they have in Saudi Arabia?

Freedom loving people have a responsibility to halt the spread of Islam. Unless, of course, this is a scourge from God to rain punishment on a secular, anti-life, anti-faith, neo-pagan West. Then, it is a good thing. Divine correction.

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