How is a bishop appointed?


I know technically it is done by the Pope, but what about reality? Is a bishop for a Canadien, American, Australian, or British diocese for instance chosen by a committe in that country’s bishops conference? Is there politics behind the choosing of a bishop at all as well? I’m curious to know this since it rarely is talked about.


This might help…

Appointment of Catholic Bishops



Until about the mid 1800s (if I remember correctly), bishops were chosen from their own diocese by the priests of the diocese. It was Canon Law, even forbidding moving a priest from one diocese to another just to make him a bishop. Obviously, times have changed.

Usually, several names are presented to the papal nuncio, who forwards them to the Pope (and his “people”). A priest may turn down the honor.

Are there politics? Most likely, but one must also consider what kind of politics and to what end they are being used. Everything we do can be considered to include politics of some sort.


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