How is Back to School going for your family? From K to College Kids?


How is Back to School going for your family? From K to College Kids?

Our DD4(and youngest) started her fist day of Highschool today at the Catholic HS. She did survive the 2-a-Days Volleyball workouts.:rolleyes: So now we’ll see how she does academical. Our older DD’s have Sorority Rush this week and weekend, then start classes next week.:thumbsup:

Thanking Our Lord for His many Blessings for our children’s health, safety and academic success.:gopray:


Don’t know yet…school doesn’t start for a few more weeks! :smiley:


Our oldest starts 1st grade next week! First year of all day school! Eeeek! Wednesday will be the first day. We already had the first school “event” a uniform sale. Now I’m waiting for his nice new slacks to arive so he can wear them to first day of school mass. DS2 isn’t going to school this year, he missed the cut off for Catholic schools K by 23 days. Last year was his 3rd year of preschool, its hard to justify paying for a 4th. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here …Sept8 is 1st day back


our oldest DD begins 3rd grade Tuesday. Very exciting! :smiley:

And our next DD begins Kindergarten on Tuesday. She is bouncing off the walls, she is so excited! :smiley:

Happy New School Year for all!!


My 1st grader (how did THAT happen!?!) goes back this coming Thursday…

The preschool just started this week for the 4yo (but he’s in full time daycare anyway…)


Oldest DD will be beginning her second year of college and is set to go. Has her financial aid all lined up and a new roommate that is working out beautifully. Oh, and after that first year away from home,she has a wonderful appreciation of Mom & Dad. :smiley:

DS1 will be beginning his Senior year. He has an application in at the Naval Academy and is also applying for a NROTC scholarship. Our summer has been all about the Navy! So, this year is rather bittersweet. He has worked very hard to get to this point and it seems like everything we are doing is for next year already. I’m sure it will race by! To the OP…DS’s “daily doubles” for football start today. It’s old hat for us, but I remember when he was a freshman. I think it’s harder on the parents in some ways!

DS2 will be in preschool this year 3 days a week. With older siblings so much older, he is desperate for friends/playmates. He can’t wait!



I would much rather start the first of Sept. too. I hate the kids start in August. I am not sure who thought that was a wonderful idea?:rolleyes:


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*My kids are in a state of denial. :smiley: I am taking Monday off to go clothes shopping with them, and they looked at me…deer in the headlights look.

So, it’s not going at all, GD. lol*




We are off and running already. After spending WAY too much money on clothes, uniforms, shoes, books, and classroom supplies and snacks:

DD 11 started 7th grade on Monday. She’s cheerful and happy to see her friends again, and already bringing home new Latin words and phrases. :thumbsup: She’s the one who has to wear a uniform.

DS 8 started 3rd grade Wednesday. He’s not the kind of kid who celebrates back to school, but he likes his teacher and is glad to see his buddies. He’s enjoying no homework for the first half-week.

DD 6 started 1st grade, also Wednesday. She worries more about what she’s wearing than what’s coming up for the day, but she always does well in school. Has already had to move her clothespin from green to yellow for being too much of a chatterbox. :rolleyes::smiley:

DS 5 started kindergarten, also Wednesday. He was SO EXCITED to finally start school! He’s been waiting and pining for this since last fall. He got in the car from school the first day and told me, “School was awesome!” His teacher grinned. He tells me everyday that he loves school. I expect him to do well.

DD 22 months is learning to be at home alone with Mom all day by herself! She always had her big brother to entertain her and play with. She seems to be adjusting well. She plays well on her own and cheers when the other kids get in the car at the end of their day. She helped me make banana bread the first day they were gone.


W start last week of August…got most of the supplies, got most of the needed clothes except another pair of shoes for two of them and jeans for two of them. I guess the jeans can wait.:o


I’m with you on that! We grew up in New England, where school always started around my birthday (September 8.) That kind of put a damper on my birthday! I think it is particularly silly for kids in the deep south to start so early, when it’s still absurdly hot and humid. And it wasn’t all that long ago that some schools here weren’t entirely air conditioned; crazy!

Boy, do I feel old reading this thread; my youngest child is 24, married, and she and her husband just started grad school for a doctorate in Audiology. Those days when we took annual “first day of school” photos on the front porch with both girls really does seem like yesterday. Time truly does fly; enjoy them while they’re still at home.


:eek:I will be starting my first year of nursing school in 2 weeks. I am pretty excited, but also really nervous. I’m wondering how I am supposed to juggle four children, school and housework… :shrug:


My highschooler started his freshman year at a Catholic HS yesterday. So far, so good. I thought he would be hanging out mostly with the small group that came from his elementary school but he is expanding his horizons quickly. In high school, they get a supply list for each class on the first day so I finished up his supply shopping after school today.

My others are still in the same Catholic elementary school so they are not in for any big changes. School supply lists were sent home in May so I got a lot of stuff over the summer. One will even have the same home room teacher so it won’t seem like much of a change.

Uniforms were actually the easiest part this year.

I am ready for the added structure that school adds to my days. I might even schedule going to the gym. :wink: But the driving is going to take a little while to get used to again.


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My youngest starts her senior year of high school on September 1st.

Other than paper and such we won’t be buying any supplies until we find out what she needs for school. She bought clothes in June before her trip to Germany so she should be OK for a while. …I do need to pick up a book for her to read before school starts. I think I’ll take her to the Friends of the Library store tomorrow and see if we can find a copy. She needs to be able to mark it up so we might as well get a used paperback.

My older daughter will be starting her third year of University later in September. She’s had her room since June (however she’s been studying oversees this summer) but still needs to get a bed since she’s in an unfurnished campus apartment.

My son… well I don’t know. He may be taking the Fall semester off or just taking a couple of required classes. Hopefully he can start at the Fire Academy in the Spring. (All first timer classes are full for the Fall semester.) But who knows? Maybe a spot will open up. In the mean time he can work more hours!


KA, so you have from 3PreK to 19 yr old College Sophomore. WooW.:bowdown2: You da Mom. That must be quite the household during the holidays.

Also, how do you do Navy ROTC in Idaho??:smiley:


We started classes on Wednesday.

First day of home school high school.:eek:

So far, so good.

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