How is Excommunication lifted?

Hello all.

I am sort of worried now. I don’t believe that my automatic excommunication was ever lifted. A little back story, when I was way from the Church, I was “baptized” a 2nd time. I don’t fell like getting into it but It was one of those Acts 2:38 churches.

Anyway, when I went to Confession for the first time in six years, the Priest gave the absolution but did not left the excommunication! I know this was a faithful Priest. Why? Because he is the only one willing to say the Traditional Latin Mass in my area

That was about eight months ago, and I just found out that every confession that I have had ever since might not have been valid. I know some people to not take Latae sententiae seriously, but I do!

Please help!

So what “sin” of yours caused the excommunication to occur?

Leaving the Church?

Did you confess this to your priest?

If you did then he automatically removed it.

By giving you absolution of the sin that caused the excommunication it is lifted.

It is not like he needs to state the obvious.

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If you committed a mortal sin and sincerely confessed and did penance for your offense, any priest should be able to ‘lift’ a latae sententiae excommunication. I’m puzzled as to why the particular priest to whom you confessed refused… perhaps you should contact your Bishop.


Have you discussed this with the priest?

Jerry is right. (How often do you hear that JZ?) :smiley:

Excommunication is normally resolved by a declaration of repentance, a renewal of obedience (if that was a relevant part of the offending act) by the excommunicated person and the lifting of the censure (absolution) by a priest or bishop empowered to do this.

Absolution was granted during Confession. If you confessed the second Baptism, and he gave you absolution then that is all that is required.

If you confessed the second Baptism and prior to absolution, he actually stated that ‘the excommunication has not been lifted’ then I’m not sure what happens next… Houston we have a problem but I don’t think it’s something that’s unfixable.

Are you thinking that he will actually state during absolution that ‘Your excommunication has been lifted’? If you are then you can rest in the knowledge that you are no longer excommunicated.


Really? Every other priest in your area is NOT faithful, a the sole determination of “faithfulness” is using the form of mass you prefer? Does that mean Catholics who prefer another authorized form of the mass are not really faithful!

I’m so sorry if I came out that way! The majority of Masses that I attend are in the ordinary, and by a very faithful Priest.

Don’t stress: you aren’t going to be absolved and continue to be excommunicated at the same time.

I had the same situation and I know that the absolution was the end of my excommunication.

If, for example, you were divorced and remarried and told the priest in confession, the priest is supposed to tell you that you can’t receive the Sacraments anymore, unless you agree to abstain from sex with your new spouse. If you don’t agree, you don’t receive absolution and you continue to be excommunicated.

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