How is heaven perfect?


In Philosophy I have found that the word perfect means complete, or whole, which leads me to some difficulty concerning heaven. Considering that every person is created to be in heaven, or a part thereof, (we all have been prepared a place in the eternal banquet) and some of us will choose otherwise. Will heaven be perfect (complete), at the end of time, if some souls choose not to be in heaven?

If heaven is perfect regardless of the souls that are there or absent, is the place prepared for each soul a part of heaven? and what effect does a souls absence have on heaven?

My first thoughts went to a form of pre-destination, in which, only the souls who make it to heaven were supposed to be there, and heaven is complete with those souls. Yet, that led me to ask, why those souls who don’t or aren’t a part of heaven’s completeness, would be created.

I want to believe that heaven is perfect, yet I do not know how to reconcile the loss of souls with heaven’s perfection.



Hi Cuschu,

In all your talk of heaven and your difficulty in understanding it your haven’t mentioned God once. No wonder you’re having trouble. Perfection in heaven is not determined by imperfect beings like us, but by God. It’s all about Him! Heaven isn’t about a place as much as it is about God and appreciating who He is! If you want insight into what heaven is, look at a crucifix and reflect on the perfect love you find there.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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