How is it possible that Jesus gave his body to the Disciples at the last supper?

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Consecrated Host=Jesus Christ Body Blood. Soul. Divinity

Consecrated Hosts= still look s, smells, tastes, feels, sounds like bread because God, the Creator of all, humbled Himself to appear in this form for us.
He wanted it to be so.


It takes faith to believe, huh?

How many looked Him in the eye and did not believe?

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In any event, please speak with Father and read the catechism!


He knew his kingdom was heaven. He gave us His Body and Blood at the last supper to sustain us.
The Holy Ghost lives inside you. When you receiveJesus into your heart it enhances your life as a Catholic because He lives in you. The Holy Trinity works as one.

You’re going against official Church dogma. That makes you a heretic.

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 The Last Supper was the presentation of the mystery of the Mass. “Do this in Remembrance of Me.” TRANSUBATANTIATION : is (especially in the Roman Catholic Church) the conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christ at consecration, only the appearances of bread and wine still remaining.
  Jesus blessed the bread & wine. When He spoke His words,(Jesus is the Word.) His words have power. He spoke & the essence of the bread & wine changed to His Body & Blood. 

This action continues everyday w Mass. It is Jesus.
Google Eucharistic Miracles. The Host is Jesus. The Wine Is His Blood. In real time, the Host started bleeding. Scientists tested the blood & the Host. The Host turned into the Left Ventricle of the heart muscle. The blood was AB +. When we receive communion, IT IS JESUS! We are blessed.
I hope that helps explain things. God is Faithful.
In Christ’s Love

We are all entitled to judge the validity of a statement. This is a particularly clear case: if you don’t believe in Transubstantiation you don’t believe in Catholicism. It’s a free country; you have a right to reject Catholicism. But please be under no illusion about it: that is what you are doing.

It’s like saying “you have no right to say Im not a communist just because I believe in free market capitalism “

And that is what it comes down to, no? If you don’t believe Catholic teaching, don’t call yourself Catholic.

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To be fair, this argument sounds overly harsh against the individual.
It may very well be poor catechesis.

I believe it possible that an individual may have been raised to be Catholic, but has such poor catechesis that they do not realize what that entails.

Instead of an indictment, perhaps we should take the opportunity to teach.


Thank you! There is so much lashing out at people for not expressing correct teaching when the better thing to do is calm down, don’t be offended, and see how you can help the person without an indictment, name calling, or a condescending lecture. Grace and mercy are needed. And if the person still disagrees, keep it moving. I think it’s unfortunate that many don’t understand the real presence but being uncharitable is only going to make people move away from the faith, not learn it.

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You are being discouraged from an incorrect belief, from a belief contrary to the faith you say you hold. I would think you would be more concerned with that than with…
I would have expected a response more along the lines of “what do you mean it’s not symbolic? Tell me why.” I would have thought you’d be concerned about how you could have attended Mass every week for all these years and not understood what the Eucharist is, not understood that you were receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of your Lord and Savior. I would have thought that would be your concern— tell me why the Church teaches that, help me to understand.

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