How is it that we say that sin came from Adam, but when Eve actually ate from the tree first?


Just trying to do some exegesis. There’s usually a way to explain it, though, as I’ve discovered in life.


Because…even when women do all the work, men get all the credit!



Adam was with Eve when she was deceived by the serpent - not somewhere else.

Adam was given the Garden to care for - the keep and defend.

The sin was not really eating the forbidden fruit.

The serpent told Eve - “surely you will not die” … but literally in the Hebrew - its “surely you will not die the death.”

The sin of Adam was two fold - he did not protect Eve and the Garden from the Serpent and he failed to trust that God would protect him from death …

Jesus brought us everlasting life in salvation … We, even though we die in this life, rise again in Christ … Adam failed to trust in God who breathed the very life into him.

Eating the fruit was the result of the first sin …

I know I did not do this justice … But Dr, Scott Hahn has a very good exegeses discussion of Genesis.


Perhaps that line of Scripture was written by feminists?

It’s all the man’s fault don’t you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


This website explains it I guess

Also this


Remember, according to the story, even Eve was made from Adam. Adam is the prototypical human. Eve could sin for herself, but only Adam could confer spiritual death upon all humans to come.


This is educated and prayerful speculation, but it is how I have explained it to myself, and I believe it is theologically correct. The Paul says that sin entered the world through one man, I believe he is saying sin entered the world through one Adam and Adam was in the image of God male and female. Second Adam and woman were Echad that is one so the sin of Adam and woman is both their sin, but because they are one and Adam, then sin entered the world through Adam meaning man and woman. I actually think this is necessary because it was both The Christ and the woman (Mary) who in fulfillment of the scriptures did not sin and reclaimed the world and humanity from the power of Satan.
something to consider.
Grace and peace,


At least Eve was deceived. Adam, OTOH, almost cavalierly ate of the fruit-he didn’t seem to need much persuading… He chose to mistrust God in a sense, preferring himself, his own way, preferring creation-all God had made including Eve-over God, as unreasonable as that may well seem.


What was Adam’s motivation? We know Eve’s motivation. It was food. It looked like it was going to be pleasant to the taste. It was able to make one wise (fairly sure that wasn’t an inherited quality).

That is Eve’s motivation, it is not Adam’s. Adam saw only one thing an ominous looming overshadowing dragon. He was afraid for his life. But he took the fruit, not under his direct relationship to the dragon, but through an intermediate, Eve. Therefore in his eyes he did what the dragon expected, even demanded from him, but he did so not because he submitted to the dragon but because of his relationship to Eve. Therefore he would have a good answer to God. There is a planned deceit with a convenient scapegoat. God saw it, Adam knew it, Eve found out when on trial. What then was the sin? The fruit? Or the act behind the fruit.

So. Which motivation was wrong? One? Both? One more than the other? Or still you might disagree with the way I see it.


I mean, if you want the credit, you can have it. :thumbsup:


Adam blamed Eve
Eve blamed the serpent
and the Serpent hadn’t got a leg to stand on


Which sin is that?

If, by any chance, you are referring to the singular sin which Adam freely chose to commit, there is another thread…that may be helpful or not.


Hi, JD!
…sometimes we miss simple things:

15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 16 And the Lord God [size=]commanded the man[/size], “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” (Genesis 2:15-17)

God made Adam responsible for the Command!

Maran atha!



Hi, Darryl!
…what you propose is what we (humans) always propose: an excuse.

The act was disobedience.

Both Adam and Eve were aware that they could eat from all of the fruits in the garden except from that one “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.”

Eve readily sucked up the creature’s temptation and rationale and Adam quickly followed Eve’s lead–both were culpable of disobeying God and both quickly transferred the responsibility and fault to the other creature: Adam to Eve to the serpent!

Maran atha!



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