How is John the Baptist the greatest in the face of our Lady?


am a cradle Catholic and have periodic questions about the faith.
I listen attentively to Catholic Answers on EWTN and Father

My first question is how to rectify the fact that Mary our Mother
the pre-eminent saint - born into this world without sin, the
true Living Arc of the Covenant – AND – Jesus states about
John the Bapist “No man born of woman is greater than John
the Baptist.”

I believe Jesus has no gender in mind when stating this, right?

So, my problem is resolving this truth versus the truth that Mary
is without stain of sin, therefore, would seem to be the greater of the two.

Help in the understanding of this would be much appreciated.

With Love,
Mike Shay


Hi Mike,

In the passage, Mt. 11:11 Jesus is pointing out that the message of John the Baptist was greater than the messages of all the prophets that preceded him. John was actually proclaiming that the new Messianic age was finally and actually at hand. Our Lord was not calling John great because of his sanctity. Our Lady has that one, hands down. He was speaking of John as the preeminent prophet over the prophets who came before him because his message was the greatest.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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