How is Mary a Virgin when in Matthew 13:55 it clearly states that Jesus Brothers are James Joseph Simon and Judas?

I have also read in another location where there is some argument about two of the “brothers” as the Catholic teachings would have me believe that two of them are some OTHER Mary’s sons. I can swallow this until I get to Matthew 13:55.

It even states that he had sisters too! I know that the biblical history pays little attention to female characters and such but to mention not only did he HAVE brothers and he ALSO had sisters.

Trust me, I respect your faith, but I cannot respect twisting of clearly the truth. How you may read this and tell me that my eyes do not see what it sees is quite disturbing. Maybe you have an aramaic translation that reads differently that might shed light on this.

I am struggling hard to give the Catholic beliefs some validity but when I run into stuff like this it just explodes like a grenade in my heart and mind. Sadly, it would appear that Mary’s perpetual virginity is a stretch and always has been. Please, correct me if I may be wrong. But do it in a factual way. No opinions please.


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