How is our Pope doing?


I’m curious how well you think Pope Benedict XVI is doing so far in his Papacy. Do you have any complaints? What is he doing well at? I’d just like to know what you all think.


I couldn’t give him higher marks if I tried. Perfect 10s. Heck, Perfect 11s!

Solid theology. Rock solid.

And along with that-- tender, loving, firm yet deeply, deeply empathetic leadership. A loving shepherd indeed.

I can now more easily than ever understand the more than 20 year work relationship Benedict had with our late great John Paul 2. We have been so blessed with Popes in the 20th century. In each time of crisis, we have had the leader who came forth and despite great odds kept the Barque of Peter afloat, inviolate. Some of them were maligned in their time and after. . .until it became clearer how right, how prophetic, how truly inspired (with the Spirit) they were. . .and how brave they were to carry on, knowing all the chaos and the rancour that came up in spite of their best efforts, knowing how brutally and how unfairly they would be attacked and misjudged, not just by their enemies but by their friends and companions. God be thanked for our Popes!

God bless and keep our dear Benedict!


There was concern when the Pope was elevated as shown by the political cartoons of the time. I can truthfully say that he has been nothing like his reputation. He has proven his pastoral sensitivity. This was poignantly shown when he met with the victims of the sexual scandal. From the moment he became pope, Benedict XVI has shown his humanity and the virtue of meekness that draws people to Christ.


How can I put this concisely…

He = Awesome


He’s keeping my hopes of reunion of Roma and Byzantium alive.


i am a new catholic of 1 month. i have come to admire Pope Benedict XVI
so much. he is such a learned man. he has such a kind smile. sometimes he has this look on his face, like, “i can’t believe i am the Pope!”, he is very endearing and i feel blessed to be received into the Roman Catholic Church while he is Pope. i also see him as sensitive and he is very aware of his role not only in the history of the church, but the world and his role as the spiritual shepherd on earth and i feel secure going to bed at night that he is watching over his flock. i only pray that he will be with us and in good health
for several more years.


Excellent…and he had a tough act to follow as well.


The meeting with the abuse victims cinched it for me. I love him!


Honestly my favorite Pope of the past century.


He is a breath of fresh air from the previous Pope. Even though I had great love for Pope John Paul II , he would “get on my nerves” with some of the stuff he would do. Pope Benedict, who I pray for every morning, has been excellent. I cant wait to see more liturgical changes as well as some theological clarifications. All in all I’d give him a ten.


Oups, it’s what century now? 22nd? He started in 2005, he’s already in the 21st. Or, you mean, compared to the Popes of the last century? :slight_smile:

To me, and I only witnessed two Popes, John Paul II and Benedict, they are so different I am unable to rate them between them. During the JPII’s pontificate, the longest in history to my knowledge, I wasn’t a Catholic but I loved him and his death was sorrowful to me. Benedict XVI attracted me as I started opening myself to Roman Catholicism January 2008. And ever since he is to me a very dear man when I read his homilies, speeches etc at vatican dot va or he’s on TV. I love him but it is different from John Paul II. My feelings towards Benedict XVI are feelings of a Catholic towards the Pope, I love his smartness, wisdom and faith. My love for John Paul II, who is a saint in my opinion, was spontaneous: while I was anti-Catholic theologically I could not help feeling very warmly towards him which wondered me a lot then. Now I’m sure he is a saint at least in how I understand sainthood. So the last two Popes are both very inspiring.


Emphasis on the last century part.:stuck_out_tongue:

John Paul was a wonderful Pope, but my heart warms most for Benedict XVI, for his understanding the we’ orthodox Catholics, the Latin Mass revivals, the preference of Communion on the tongue. He is a conservative Pope in an awfully liberal world.



This one goes to 11 :slight_smile:


I also am amazed at how good he is.


It is tough to find something he did that was not sorely needed.


:signofcross: Amen.


As an Anglican, I think he is an amazing Pope (I believe that his roles as Bishop of Rome and [Apostolic] Successor to St. Peter are more than just Roman Catholic, they are Catholic :thumbsup:).

He seems very intelligent and well learned in theology, but also a caring and humble man as well. I think the Roman Catholic Church is blessed to have him as its Pontiff and Christendom is blessed to have him serving in such key spiritual roles. And I would agree he had one tough act to follow. :slight_smile:

It was amazing that he has met with both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York (who actually gave Il Papa a Yorkshire-brewed beer: Sentamu stands the Pope a beer). It is a shame that ecumenical relations between Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism are not as great as they could, but I realize that is the fault of liberal theologians within the Anglican camp (I wish the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church would return/enter a place of intercommunion).

Anyway, the Holy Father seems like an amazing man and I think it would be amazing to attend a Papal Mass and receive the Eucharist from his hands (this is one reason I hope for intercommunion).

Anywyay: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for the Holy Father.


…heaven sent


this is a reply to post #17. i just converted to catholicism from the anglican communion and i truly wish the anglican communion could unite with the roman catholic church. Jesus wanted one body and there are so many denominations now. you see things very clearly. there are many individual anglican converts now and in the future we might see whole congregation converting en masse. sadly, the rest choose to remain protestant.
this Pope has reached out his hand and he told the anglican communion that they needed to decide if they are protestant or Catholic. i was hoping after GAFCON the choice would be Catholic, but they decided to stay within the anglican communion. until you are fully Catholic, you do not understand how you are standing outside of what Christ desired his church to be. this Pope is very humble and i think he would like nothing more than to reach out to the orthodox and anglican communions. however, the anglican communion has already rejected his offer. i don’t know what will happen with the orthodox.


When I think about our Holy Father I say to myself there is a Holy Spirit! When he was made Pope I would joke that his papalcy should be considered Pope John Paul II’s first miracle.
But the more I think of how many times Card. Ratzinger wanted to retire but the late Holy Father would not let him, maybe my joke has something to it.

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