How is Shakira a "devout Catholic"? Isnt dancing sexy a sin?

I am missing something here… Shes said that is usually very devout… She also talks like the Catholic Church approves of all her lustful dancing! She said a nun she ran into who was her teacher in high school said she was impressed with her dancing in the “She-wolf” video. She also said she asked a priests permission… and got it for making her la totura music video…
I dont get it… Jesus said who ever looks at a woman with lust has already commited adultry with her in his heart… and she is ALWAYS encouraging men to do this!
I know I shouldnt judge others… I know shes also a very generous person, but it really bothers me. She is causing millions of men to sin right? I see Catholics and Christians on forums saying how much they love her… And yea shes my husbands celebrity crush so perhaps Im a lil jealous and offended too…
Another thing that concerns me is my husbands friends are from Mexico. They have huge parties with lots of family and dancing. Recently some teenagers were dancing like shakira… The parents didnt see anything wrong with encouraging it… Im worried for when we have kids and they come to these parties… also the little little kids there were innicently dancing to Bruno Mars, “Your sex takes me to paradise…”
Almost all these family members are Mexican and pretty Catholic…
Sorry but back to subject… isnt Shakiras dancing really evil and causing men to sin? Am I missing something here?
Um even my grandma who is the most devout Catholic I know watches dancing with the stars and Ive seen a lot of dances seem to imitate sex…
Isnt this a sin? What Jesus was talking about?
I wouldnt worry so much except I want to raise our future kids right… Im not even sure if we should take them to his friends family parties…


what dies that mean?

Wait, what???:confused::confused:
When did it become the woman’s job to prevent a man from sinning? Is this the Taliban? If a man cannot watch Shakira without sinning, he should stop watching her, not stopping Shakira from dancing.

Exactly. Her dancing might betray a lack of respect for her OWN body and self – and dancing in a provocative manner with the intent to cause a certain “reaction” in someone besides one’s spouse is sinful – but that doesn’t mean men are mindless slaves to their libidos. They can look away and pray to banish impure thoughts

We shouldn’t judge. We don’t know her reasons for dancing - to provide others with entertainment or simple selfish exhibitionism. Who knows, we might even admire her
were we to discover her true self.


Should we also cover up the paintings and statues of the great masters because they depict nudes and might cause arousal in the person viewing them?

I’m not a animal subject to my body’s impulses… I love the late Luciano Pavarotti voice and thought him a handsome man - but I don’t lust for him, I admire his talent.

What about Ice Dancing, or ball room dancing, gymnastics… lacrosse, surfing, and more… all things activities can be quite reveling of a woman or man’s body. One can admire the talent, and not lust…

This is the same with Shakira (though some would say she has no talent), we can admire her talent without lusting after her body.

Click on the last link of my sig… it’s my favorite version of the chaplet, and her voice reminds me of my mother’s voice when she would sing me to sleep so many years ago… love the voice… but it doesn’t cause one to lust.

I think everyone is missing the point here. Shakira’s “dancing” is not innocent dancing. It is intentionally provocative. In that regard, she is as responsible for men’s lust as the men who focus on lusting after her. Have any of you seen the horrid show “dance moms”? You can’t watch that and tell me that it is moral or acceptable. What that show calls “dancing”, most sane people would call child abuse/exploitation. Girls as young as 7-8 years old, dressing in skimpy/revealing clothing, dancing around doing all sorts of provocative moves. In what world is that “dancing”? In what world is that appropriate for children? The same goes for Shakira and all the other entertainers who destroy modesty.

OP, I am no expert on Shakira or dance and am not going to watch any videos. I do think that vulgar song lyrics are a serious problem. Far too many people today swear in front of children. Anyone who intentionally exposes children to such vulgarity commits a serious sin.

Yes, newcatholicmom…you’re right. I haven’t seen Shakira dance, but I can imagine, based on other entertainers these days. If she dresses immodestly and dances suggestively, then its a bad thing. Please stay strong in your beliefs and don’t let the world (even fellow Catholics) corrode your sense of right and wrong.

Standing up for modesty and truth will take courage and you will endure some loneliness in your stance (like, when you don’t take the kids to the party to dance to terribly sexual lyrics), but be strong and peaceful in the Lord. He will lead you.

The last time I heard Shakira on the radio was some years ago…she had a wonderful voice and I loved her singing. Please read the old children’s story (if you haven’t already) about the Pied Piper of Hamlin and consider the moral of that story.

Nicely said, thank you:thumbsup: I will add more to this later on. God Bless.

We shouldn’t judge.,…but we can and should correct others with the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, because we are concerned for her soul and the souls of many others!

Thank you for your post.

Lord have mercy on us and others if we call evil good, and good evil.

This society is so saturated by evil, and some do not recognize it.

Blessed Mother Mary, Pray for us!

Jesus, Be our Wisdom!

Then don’t.

She is causing millions of men to sin right?

Wrong. No one causes anyone to sin.

BTW, now you’ve got my curiosity up so I’m going to have to go check out one of her videos just to see what the big deal is all about. Now, does that mean that you have caused me to sin?

I don’t know how you guys are missing the point. The point is that she is PURPOSELY dancing suggestively while dressed immodestly. She is sinning and encouraging others to get an eyeful of her with the way she dances.

I do not have a problem with christians embracing modesty and shunning “sexy dancing”.
And if you want to condemn Shakira for both things by all means go ahead.

My issue is we do not (or should not) live in a culture where we are blaming other people for our sins. If I cannot watch The Notebook without lusting after Ryan Gosling I should stop watching it. Should Ryan Gosling not ever take his shirt off again because I cannot control myself?:D:D

Yah, and lots of entertainers do that. But unless we are prepared to cover up women in burkas and outlaw dancing (a la Iran), it’s your duty not to watch her if she causes you to sin.

Matthew 5 Teaching About Adultery .27* “You have heard that it was said,r ‘You shall not commit adultery.’28But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.29* If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away.s It is better for you to lose one of your members than to have your whole body thrown into Gehenna.30And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one of your members than to have your whole body go into Gehenna."

I know there are several bible verses that talk about leading others to sin. When someone dances with the INTENT to cause others to lust after them how is this not very sinful?

I think its VERY different if someone were to dance innocently, with no thoughts or intent on being sexy… And if a man is lusting after them… well that is all wrong soley on the man’s part. But Shakira dancing is not just innocent dancing.

Why does it bother me? Because a priest and nun “gave their permission.” They accept it like NOTHING is wrong, everything is innocent and acceptable.

It makes me feel like Im being an overly scrupolous one. Maybe I should as you say join the “Taliban” or become Amish (sp)? But really Im shocked at the amount of Catholics who think her dancing is wonderful and awesome? She is a role model in the hispanic community, when I see young girls copying and mimicking her dancing… and their Catholic parents thinking its “cute” Im utterly bewildered and worried.

I also want to say my point of this thread is NOT to judge her or “condemn” her. Heck I want to go to heaven, but maybe I wont and she will. Who knows? My question is how do officials from the Catholic church “give their blessings/permission for her music videos”? And how does she often call herself a devout Catholic and still try to seduce billions of men? Am I really being overly scrupulous here?
I really dont think our future children should be encouraged to dance like her. Im afraid we will have to stop going to these parties for this reason and I may accidentally hurt these parents feelings… Plus I might even cause a fight with my husband because I mentioned about the kids dancing before we were married., he said they are not really really religious and he cant tell other people how to raise their children… which is true… but I want to protect our childrens innocence when theyre young… so I dont think I should let them come to these parties?
It bothers me that so many Catholics dont see anything wrong with this dancing. Sure between a husband and wife… wonderful. But in public I think its so wrong…
Thank you for the few who dont make me feel crazy/overly scrupulous. Also I youtubed dance moms and now that you mentioned it I agree with you. But it also scared me as I used to watch my cousins in competitions VERY much like this and no one saw anything wrong with it… Why is dancing provacatively becoming so accepted? Even amoung Catholics?
I think dancing could be so fun for our future kids if they wanted to. But Im thinking maybe just allow ballet… or pray to find a Christian minded studio who is very conscientious about dance moves and costumes?
-_- I feel so alone here… why dont more Catholics see this?

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