How is the Droid X for vewing these forums?

I currently own a Black Berry Tour smart phone and it sucks for viewing these forums because the screen is just to small. I’m getting ready to buy a Droid X and I was wondering if anyone owns one and if it works well for viewing these forums? Thanks.

I have the original Droid and it works fairly well. They aren’t designed for smart phones, so they are a bit small with a fair amount of zooming to read things, but not too bad.

I have a Droid X and I would say it’s acceptable but not ideal. Even with zooming some of the icons/buttons are pretty small. But the text is readable.

Hey, I’m a tech junkie. I don’t know if I’m proud of that or not, but the blackberry tour has just a 2.4 inch screen compared to the Droid x’s 4.3in., 16x9 ratio display. The tour only covers 480x360 lines of resolution while the x’s display is 800x480. There’s also a color difference between the tour’s 262k color display to the x’s 16 million. The processor for the x is quite a bit beefier as well. When you get your new smartphone, try downloading the skyfire browser from the android app market. It’s a server-based browser, which means that all the “heavy-lifting” is done by skyfire’s pc’s on the fly and sent back to your phone exceptionally fast. It makes browsing even catholic forums on a small display, dare I say it, almost fun :slight_smile:

I have Motorola Devour which is Android based phone. Overall it is quite usable for browsing this forum and others based on vBulletin.

There are some apps available that claim to enhance the experience but I have heard that they do not live up to their claims

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Well I finally got my droid x and I am using it right now to post this reply and it works great! Even better then I expected! WAY better then my blackberry. This screen is gigantic!!! :extrahappy:

I have Samsung Galaxy S and it works like a champ on CAF. I have to have CAF on the go.

Right now I have a Blackberry Curve, which is, simply put, AWFUL. When I upgrade I will be getting wither a Droid or an iPhone (rumor has it that it will be available on my carrier by then). DOen anyone know if it works well on the iPhone?

Works beautifully on the iPhone. Especially the iPhone 4, since the pixel density makes text incredibly sharp even if you choose to not zoom in and leave it very small on the screen. I don’t mind reading small text, so I can just skip the zooming in on every new page that I generally have to do on any other phone.

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