How is the host made?


Like what are the ingredients used to make the host. Where do they make them? Does a special person make them? How do they deliver host to each parish? I am doing this for a project in my religeon class. I figured CAF was the best place to research these questions.

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Canon law says hosts must be made from wheat. Water is added, but no other ingredients.

The hosts can be made by commercial or non-commercial bakers. Religious often make altar bread as a way of supporting themselves. See for example. But there are also large bakers. See


At our small parish many years ago, a woman made them at home. At the large parish we attend, the hosts are the standard wafers. I have seen them available for parish purchase on Catholic goods websites.


Passionist nuns of Erlanger, Kentucky show how the bread that is used in Communion is made.


This is a project for class. Treat it as research.

  1. Go to the parish office and ask from where do they purchase the hosts.
  2. Contact the company or religious order that makes the hosts and ask about ingredients.
  3. Write up your report and submit it for credit.

The internet is a seriously poor source for reliable information. It is not, as often touted, an information highway. Rather, it is an information cow path.

Reb Levi


I saw a television program about the Passionist Nuns in Kentucky making hosts, and also some nuns in New England. I think the internet is fairly reliable for that basic information. Calling your parish and asking questions is also a good idea. I'm glad you asked the question, it's an interesting topic. :)


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