How is the Pope Infallible?

I’ve got a quick question… ok, so I think it was Paul who is considered the first Pope correct?

Didn’t he say though that " …I will be made a liar for the sake of the Gospel…" ?

If so, then how is the Pope Infallible?

An attribute that belongs to only the Devine, El Elyon, YHWH, God…

How can a single man possess that? Or do you believe that the pope is a type of ‘Christ-man’ ???

I’m ’ protestant-pentecostal ’ and have very little knowledge of the catholic church (i’m still learning) … so I’d appreciate some insight into this…

It is St. Peter upon whom Christ built His Church, and the Popes are St. Peter’s successors as Bishop of Rome.

I think you’ll find the articles here helpful introductions to the subject of the Papacy and of Papal Infallibility:

As part of your review of the issue, you might want to see what Bishop Vincent Gasser said in his Relatio to the Council. Bishop Gasser was the spokesman for the Deputation that wrote the formula of the decree on infallibility at Vatican I. The Relatio is the official explanation by the Deputation - by the committee who wrote the decree - what the Decree meant. The Relatio was delivered right before the vote by the Council Fathers on the Decree so the Council Fathers would know what was meant. It is highly nuanced and very particular. It addresses many of the questions on the language of the decree that were being debated by the Council Fathers.

It was St. Peter, not St Paul.

“Infallibility” means only that the Holy Spirit prevents the Pope (and the Church as a whole) from teaching any false doctrine. It doesn’t mean that the pope is perfect or cannot make mistakes, even in the line of duty — only that God will prevent him from imposing doctrinal error on the faithful. It is a “negative” attribute — it doesn’t mean that God tells him what to say, only that God will prevent him from teaching erroneous doctrine.

“Infallibility” is limited to formal doctrinal definitions – it doesn’t apply to everything a pope says. The last infallible definition by a pope occurred in 1950.

I guess that you reject all scripture in that case. For how can a mere sinful man write God’s teachings without error?

Peter and his faith faith is made the immovable rock on which the whole Church is built because Christ said so and because Christ prays for Peter’s faith so that he can confirm the other brethren–Jesus prays for no one else’s faith but his.

Despite his own personal failings, after the Ascension of Christ, his public preaching is the standard that all other preaching must be checked against. The Holy Spirit leads the Church into all truth, and He leads her through her pastors, especially the chief pastor to whom Christ entrusted His one and only flock. :slight_smile:

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