How is the priest who burned the gay pride flag


Any different than when St. Boniface chopped down a tree worshipped by pagans?


Priests are going to be those who suffer the most in this liberal backward world because they are as always the target of satan. They need our UNCEASING prayers and support because without them we have no Mass, no Sacraments, no Eucharist.


I see in both 2 men who defended Truth against false idols.


The main one I think is that no one thinks gay pride flags are defended by supernatural powers, or that you can’t just get another one. As I recall, much of the significance of chopping down sacred groves was that they were believed to have the special protection of pagan gods


I refer a lot to the lyrics of the Aaron Tippin song “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!”

In the end it will be Who, What we stand for.


Last I heard he had gone off the grid because they were trying to send him to St. Luke’s (a legitimate hospital for healing mental problems for clergy, but also a place where liberal bishops have been known to send more traditional priests who they don’t get along with). It sounds like he is set on not going, which I applaud him for.

This article was posted a few days ago on NCR and CNA:

It appears that he may have some recourse to his rights in canon law to remedy the situation. It also appears that Cdl. Cupich likely violated his rights under canon law in kicking him out of the parish.

According to the priest and several parishoner witnesses, he was threatened to have the police escort him from his parish, so if true, he would likely have some recourse to the Vatican since he reportedly had no time to offer a defense. But I don’t know if he’ll go through with such an appeal.


Praying for all involved


And let’s not forget that this was no ordinary gay pride flag. It was sewed with a cross, a symbol of Jesus’ salvific work, inmeshed with the gay pride flag. It had been specially custom made at a cost of $1,300 to the parishioners. It was hung behind the altar in front of the crucifix so as to completely cover it - during the holy sacrifice of the Mass! The picture can be found using an internet search engine.

I just wanted to be sure that people hearing about this flag for the first time understand that this was no ordinary gay pride flag.

The priest said he prayed exorcism prayers over it before it was burned. He and his parishioners viewed it as an object that blasphemed our Lord and His Cross.



That is indeed a blasphemy. I had no idea that was the case I thought it was a normal flag.


Putting it in front of the cross should have automatically caused this to have overtaken down.


Wow, the enemy is infiltrating more and more these days.
How was that even allowed up there especially since that looks like a photo of a Mass?


Exactly! They burned it on the feast day of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. I thought that was especially fitting. They sent a clear message that they weren’t going to allow Jesus and his Cross to be mocked. I hope if other parishes have similar atrocities that they follow suit. Our Lady of Fatima back in 1917 said that God was already very much offended. We should be trying to appease and respect Him, not further provoke Him.


The only problem is disobedience which is an important virtue. I don’t know all the details. but I think he was only prohibited from burning it. Maybe if he disposed of it in a different way than it would okay.


Did you watch the interview he gave? He said he was instructed by a representative of Cardinal Cupich not to burn it in a public ceremony that had been planned on Saint Michael’s feast day Sept. 29th. So he cancelled the ceremony. All he did was perform the exorcism. Some angry parishioners and church office staff took the banner and went out and burned it in the church parking lot in a private ceremony. No one violated Cardinal Cupich’s instructions.

In fact, he has a gofundme started so that he can fight canonical penalties, because he was not disobedient.

Here’s a link to the gofundme if anyone is interested.


It was taken down from the church a while ago, after the pastor who put it up was found dead in the rectory, attached to some kind of sex machine.

The parishioners took it down.

We are supposed to burn and bury all blessed objects when we dispose of them. So from a CANON law point of view, the priest was supposed to burn the flag.

In all honestly… what was he supposed to do. Keep the flag around the church forever? Burning is/was the only proper way to get rid of it. Finally, unless I’m mistaken, it was the laity who burned the flag after Cupich told the priest not to.

In my opinion, Cdl. Cupich was/is 100% wrong and the priest was/is 100% correct.




Exactly, Cupich never said it should not be burned. He only said it couldn’t be burned in a scheduled public ceremony. Which it wasn’t.


I wonder why not publicly.


That’s a good question.

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