How is the Son of God eternally "Son" when their was no gender before creation?


Arent we just pushing Christian theology on to God? Because we are saying that God existed as Father and Son (and Holy Spirit) before males and females ever existed.

Anyway, before God the Son became a Man, God cannot be said to have any gender before this?

Am I also right to say that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are NOT just names that God has given to describe Himself? That He is actually eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit? IOW, the Father was always actually Father, and the Son was always Son (as opposed to the Trinity just being God [unbegotten], God [begotten] and God [proceeded])?


Son is simply a language construct that we may have some understanding. Think about it, God is infinite, we are finite. God communicating to us would be like we communicating with worms. God used the word Son, because our language gives authority to men, not women in that historical context. You are right, God is spirit, and therefore does not have gender in the sense that creatures do. If the Bible was written in an historical context where the Mother was the head of house, then most likely the second person would be referred to as the Daughter of God.



concerning eternal generation of the Son


You have it backwards. God’s Father and Sonhood do not mimic human relationships.

Our human familial relationship mimics God’s divine family.


This is what is called poetic license. It is not meant to be taken literally. We cannot make true statements about God using human language. All such statements fail at some point. We stumble in the dark and hope that we don’t go too far wrong.



Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

appartently both sexes comes out of God himself.


The same reason why when Christ treats the Church as “bride” it doesn’t have to do with gender, but the nature of the union. :slight_smile:


As Ive mentioned in the OP, I believe the Church teaches that Jesus is Son eternally, not in name only. And obviously this means that God is Father eternally as well.


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