How is the USA?

I currently am living in London in what I feel to possibly be the most atheist country in the world and I was wondering, is it just as bad in the USA? I am from Poland and Poland is very much a Catholic country, here it is different. I know there are a lot of programs in the USA that mock God and Christianity, but are there just as many shows that are pro God or is it like in Britain where you would be hard pushed to find any pro God program anywhere? Does it depend what part of the US you live in as well?

Speaking anecdotally from what I’ve heard, I would say that the U.S. is definitely different from Poland, but probably not quite so secular as the UK. We at least have EWTN. :o

With the “Bible Belt” here on our side of the pond, I think that there is a larger contingency in our country that supports Christian values.

I think that the last poster is right, we’re much more secular than Poland, but not as secular as the U.K. You will also find significant differences between different parts of the country. Of course, the Southeast is known as the “Bible Belt” and tends to be very religious, but it is also predominantly Protestant, with the exception of Louisiana and a few enclaves here and there. The Midwest (the central US from Texas to Minnesota, and from Colorado to Ohio) also tends to be somewhat more religious. While the Upper Midwest can be liberal politically (Minnesota, Wisconsin), they still tend to remain substantially more religious than the liberals of the coasts. The West Coast and New England (the Northeast states on the Atlantic) tend to be quite liberal and more secular. That said, you will find some secular people and some religious people everywhere in the US.

As far as programming, you’ll find all of the types of shows you’d find in the UK, but you’ll also find a healthy dose of wholesome shows and a few religious networks by various denominations as well.

You left out the Mid-Atlantic region (roughly Washington, D.C. to New York City), Pennsylvania, and, of course, Upstate New York, collectively the region my family is from! I’d say that with the possible exception of Downstate New York, some of New Jersey, and some other highly urbanized areas, we are probably less secular than New England, but more secular than the South and perhaps the Midwest.

I live in down state New York, in an urban area about an hour form NYC. so many people are as far left as humanly possible. at my college, my circle (of gaming nerds) had a lot of atheist, and i think 2 wiccans. though, i think it may be better then what i hear the UK is like but i dont know.

personally, i will never willingly go to france

If you get an hour west of the megatropolious as described above, your in “God’s country” until you hit the left coast.

Not even to Lourdes? :confused:

As long as you detour around Chicago. :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t know what that is. A place in france?

The site of one of the more famous Church approved Marian apparitions.

I agree with this. Not as secular as the UK, but not as religious as Poland.

England is pretty much going the way of the Continent.

St. Thomas Becket, St. Thomas More, Cardinal Newman and others must be rolling over in their graves.

Just telling the truth here.

Still would visit the country—but live there? Heck no!!!

As stated above, this is one of the most important Marian apparition sites. The Virgin Mary appeared to a young woman named Bernadette there in the 1800s, and it is now a huge pilgrimage site for Catholics from around the world. It’s a very holy place.

I moved from Ohio to Arkansas and found Christianity is alive and thriving in the south of our country. People are very open and willing to share about their faith in general. I took a job with a small newspaper and am constantly amazed by being able to publish information containing Biblical references and faith matters and associations to life in general. It is so refreshing! I belong to a very strong Catholic parish and in a small town of multi-denominations, there is a true spirit of acceptance and brotherhood. I think I am just one step closer to heaven here!

Thanks to those who gave me that info. i guess it would be a great place to visit, but aparently france didn’t get the message.

Well I’m french and catechumen, and quite happy in my country :).
I’ve often read on CA that France was hopeless, a place without faith which lost his catholic memory… I disagree wholeheartedly. Yes France is now a very secular country and there are far less catholics than before but, guess what ? We still exist, praying and resisting :).
French church has been pretty vocal about ethics and scientific research recently, our priests and parishes are vibrant and active and our youth quite energetic.
It’s sad to see so much complaints about us without even knowing us, it’s sad to read so many things about secular and atheist France and to feel, as a catholic brother of yours, totally forgotten… if you’re worried for the faith in this part of good ol’ Europe, please pray for your brothers and sisters there, as they are fighting to preserve this heritage and this memory.

Did the USA?

Well, you know us Americans. We like to speak authoritatively about things we know nothing about. :wink:

Thank you for giving us an inside perspective. It is too easy for us to fall into the trap of relying on popular stereotypes. We need to be reminded of that every now and then.

I will pray for you. The French have played such an important part in Catholic history. And you guys have produced some pretty awesome saints, too! :slight_smile:

Thank you :). I love USA and it’s culture, and I argue with every french people who disdain it. We have so much to share. I’ll pray for you and USA too :).

And American history too of course, a point sadly forgotten it would seem in recent years with the silliness about freedom fries and stereotypes of the cowardly French. Although I suspect the real believers in those outlooks are a minority of Americans and the rest are just joshing in the same way people do about each other’s countries.

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