How is the weather y'all?

Looks like it’s going to be in the 90s Fahrenheit (32.3 + Celsius) for the rest of the week, with some rain in the latter part. It gets hot in South Carolina, but there’s usually at least some cool down in September. It’s foggy out right now, and not quite that hot, but it’ll get there.


It’s been just barely breaking into the 70s lately, mostly sunny with some clouds, especially in the mornings. It’s projected to get to the 80s and 90s later this week.

It was cool and Fall-like the past two weeks, and I enjoyed it very much. This week has turned out pretty much the same as you described. Not my desired weather, but this time of year it seesaws back and forth here.

Hot Humid and no relief for another month.


We’re just entering my favorite time of year with it’s accompanying weather here on the Canadian prairie. Today I biked to work under a heavy overcast with brisk winds and light rain stinging my cheek. Drizzle is expected to last throughout the day with a high temp of 11C (52 F). If all of summer were like this I might enjoy it. But the worst of the hot weather is over and I can look forward to being comfortable for the next 8 months or so.

When I tell people how much I enjoy a rainy, cloudy fall I usually receive a reprimand like; but how will farmers get the crop in if it keeps raining? I’m flattered that they think I have such influence over the weather.

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Remains hot and dry in Texas.
But 93 degrees beats the 103 heat that we had a few weeks back.
It is amazing how much cooler 10 degrees can make.
We could use some rainfall.
I pray for all those people who were in the legitimate path of Hurricane Dorian. And for the folks of the Bahamas. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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What? You get relief in a month? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be abysmally hot in South Georgia until New Years Day! :neutral_face:

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Well I say in a month. We have a local festival around her the third weekend of October and that is usually when we get a bit of a coolness to the atmosphere. Now it’s not earth shattering but it does rest the ac a little bit. I pray it comes on time.

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My DREAM is to one day have a screened in or windowed porch for those days when it is just too pretty to be inside but I don’t want the bugs and creepy crawlies that are outside. MAYBE one day. On really nice nights I’d like to sleep there but my snoring would cause the neighbors to call 911 because they would think it was a very angry grumbly animal, seriously.


I would love a cool, rainy, cloudy day right now that’s actually my favourite type of weather. It gets like that here around late October early November

I had a couch on my porch, but for whatever reason it had to be thrown out, and I would sleep on it sometimes , heck I even did that occasionally when I lived in a more densely populated area, and that was not a screened porch. Though, I did used to sleep in my grandma and grandpa’s Florida room when I lived with them, sometimes that was by necessity as I might not have anywhere else to sleep and even though there wasn’t any air conditioning back there, it was probably better to sleep there than it would be if it was one of the rooms inside the house that doesn’t have air conditioning, because some of the rooms were added on to the house

Another perfect day in Tucson. :sunny:

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It’s all orange Tiger paws!

What’s this watery substance falling from the sky? Haven’t seen rain in metro Atlanta in about a month.

Rained very little here in West Central South Carolina earlier. I heard some thunder.

Frost in the morning,big blue sky and top of 17 Celsius :smiley: Blue sky,green green grass,pink blossom out my window.

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70s at night.
High 80s to low 90s.

And the weather service keeps issuing heat warnings concerning heat stroke…I guess they are trying to drum up excitement.

Hot. Very hot. With no end in sight. Blech.


The temperatures here in Phoenix have finally dropped from 110+ to the 90’s.
However, unfortunately, the humidity has risen.

Phoenix has had 27 days of 110+ degree weather and no monsoons.

we seem to be cuddling the Antarctica at present…roll on warmer weather.

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