How is this acceptable at any level? Pope blesses Rebecca Kadaga, champion of "kill the gays" bill.

Here is the article. In a nutshell, the Pope has met with and given a blessing to Uganda’s Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, champion of a bill that would mandate life imprisonment or the death penalty for people convicted of the “crime” of being gay. I’m absolutely stunned, because I thought the Pope and the Catholic Church were better than that. Can someone please help me out here? Why would he do that, and what are your thoughts on it?:eek:

Pope Benedict blessed Barack Obama when Obama visited the Vatican even though the Catholic Church disagrees with Obama on HHS mandate, gay marriage, abortion

It is acceptable because he is the Pope. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Killing and imprisoning homosexuals is now “love?”

Where has the Pope said he supports killing and imprisoning homosexuals?
Where has the Pope said killing and imprisoning homosexuals is love?

Stop making things up!!

Blessing someone is entirely different than agreeing with someone. The Pope has blessed thousands if not millions of people, you think he is in agreement with every single one of them?

This is a misleading article if it is trying to say the Pope is in favor of killing gays. Nonsense. The author obviously has an agenda.

Blessing does not equal condoning one’s beliefs.

He was following the example of Jesus; the Pharisees scoffed at him for dining with sinners. In fact, Jesus spent much time with sinners. He offered her a blessing, not communion. He would do the same for a Catholic who was in a state of mortal sin.


:shrug:At the end of the day though it only hurts his credibility. It’s far less likely that people in the west will lend credence to what he says about homosexuality when he does things like this.

Hurts his credibility how? He meets with people of all faiths, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. it is when he stops meeting and stops showing love for people with different views that he would lose credibility.

You bring people to the truth with love, not by ignoring them.

Like I said he has blessed millions of people. Doesn’t mean he agrees with them.

In the world of marketing and politics that doesn’t matter. The catholic church has vocally taken up the fight against gay rights, all while claiming to love gays and be against “unjust discrimination”. Their opposition will exploit this incident and the public will notice, and it will hurt the church’s stance on gays.

What credence does the west give the Pope as it is? The people are taking their cue from a hostile media that is selective in what it reports. A good news story from the Vatican, that paints the Pope in a good light, is not going to get coverage. It’s up to us to give the good news from Rome to our neighbours by educating ourselves to what is going on.

Maybe in the world of politics that’s true. The Pope doesn’t care. Give him the choice to show love or to score political points and I know what he will choose every time.

I think you are reading to much in to what a blessing means. I doubt he has denied a blessing to ANYONE, no matter who it is or what they believe.

He has blessed Richard Dawkins. Does this mean he is an Atheist? Does he lose credibility about having faith in God?

Most - or at least a great many - don’t seem interested in actually fairly considering the Church’s position. For too many people, it’s a dichotomy between approving of homosexuality, and failing to love, or hating, homosexuals.

Their opposition will exploit this incident and the public will notice, and it will hurt the church’s stance on gays.

As you say, they will exploit it. Of itself, it isn’t particularly significant - as someone else pointed out, the Pope blessed Obama, who supports the legal killing of unborn children. By itself, this incident doesn’t signify much of anything - other than that the Pope blesses people whom he visits with.
Now, maybe it would be more prudent for the Pope not to do so when he disagrees with the moral positions of politicians he meets with - but, in context, it obviously doesn’t signify that the Church condones the position of the political who meets with the Pope. Any claim to the contrary is simply exploitation of a particular incident taken out of context.

It is not acceptable. But, the majority of people on this forum will rush to defend his actions at all cost. What a horrible message he sent…,30706/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post:teaser:default

Did anyone happen to notice the name of the original news source? San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. Any indication there that they might be operating from a specific viewpoint?

Did anyone here blasting the Pope even think to see if there was another side to this story before complaining about the “horrible message he sent”? According to the Vatican Insider, there was no blessing given. The meeting with the Ugandan MPs was like any other brief group meeting.

I can understand atheists taking the article at face value, they have no reason not to. But Catholics? Really?

If the Pope blesses a gay? person should we throw him under the bus because he must approve of the gay? lifestyle.

By the way; are Catholic’s supposed to agree with every kind of sin that is thrown out here on these threads, or believe every detrimental statement that is made against the Pope.?

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I didn’t notice the original source, but the one you posted is also operating from a specific viewpoint. I would need an unbiased source.

You know what the coolest part of this comment is? The part where you completely missed the point.

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