How is this explained


I saw this on a friends FB page earlier today, they were trying to figure out if Jesus/God and Satan/ Lucifer, are the same entity.

Jesus is the Morning Star - Rev 22:16
Satan is the Morning Star - Isaiah 14:12

Jesus is a Lion - Revelation 5:5,6
Satan is a Lion - 1 Peter 5:8

Jesus comes as Thief - Revelation 16:15
Satan comes as a Thief - John 10:10

Satan is Lucifer - Isaiah 14:12
Jesus is Lucifer - 2Pet 1:19


Satan as the Morning Star: Satan was originally a good angel who then was cast out of heaven by his own doing. So we have the Morning Star (a good thing) being cast out of heaven (“How you have fallen from the heavens” and “How you have been cut down to the earth”)

Jesus as the Morning Star: by keeping Christ’s ways will share in His resurrection and victory over death, symbolized by the Morning Star

Lucifer, I believe is Latin for Morning star so the same would go for Lucifer.

Revelation 5:5 speaks of Jesus as the Lion of Judah. The lion being the traditional symbol of the tribe of Judah coming from Genesis 49.
1 Peter 5:8 speaks of the devil prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour

Lion in each case is being used to describe different things. In The Lion of Judah sense it means the more majestic and powerful attributes of a lion. The roaring lion looking to devour is in a negative sense of lion.

Revelation 16:15 “I am coming like a thief.” means we will not know when Jesus will return and to be prepared.
John 10:10 “A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy” Again in a negative sense here just like the lion devouring above.

So in each case we can see that references to Jesus is in a positive way and references to Satan are negative.


You should also be wary of comparing statements in different parts of the Bible as they will inevitably be used in a different context.

I would simply say that it’s pretty obvious that Satan and Jesus are two very different entities. One is a fallen angel cast out of Heaven by God. The other is the Son of God and part of the Divine Trinity. Angels (fallen or not) do not form part of that Trinity, therefore the two cannot ever be the same thing.


Lucifer means light.

People used to call wooden matches Lucifers.



i’m reading a Jewish commentary on the Song of Songs. This “book” of 117 verses is very complex and had generated immense speculation (no other word for it) about its meanings by Jewish sages over centuries.

But, the point is, the commentary exactly compares some of its language which occurs elsewhere. In one context, the words suggest sinfulness but in SoS are used in a very positive way. The author emphasizes that context is the whole “Bible” in this case the Jewish scriptures. When there is such a contrast in usage, if you eliminate sheer coincidence, then the two contexts become related in some way, if even just for the sake of contrast between them.

It is Christian and well as Jewish exegetes who ponder over such matters.

“how is this explained”

Situations like this display the need to examine the context for meaning. This has been said already, of course. I guess to me, the evil expression displays its evilness by contrast with the holiness of the good expression. The door is open to speculation. Jesus as the Morning Star suggests that his glory is not yet fully revealed as it will be at the dawn.


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