How is this pronounced?

Actually, a couple of questions:

  1. The altar server that carries the Cruicifix during the Processional, Presentation of the Gifts, and the Recessional…what is his official “title?” I’ve seen him simply referred to as Crucifier. Is this the correct title?

  2. How is Crucifier pronounced? Is it pronounced like it’s spelled or is it pronounced as cruci-feer/fear? I’ve heard both.


i never realised that they had an official title:D

maybe the church pronounces it a certain way but i would pronounce the word crucifier as :-


hope this helps:thumbsup:

as an added bonus, the incense carrier is known as the thurifer. He carries the thurible.

According to my dictionary:

A crucifier is one who crucifies.

A crucifer is one who carries the crucifix in procession.

And the boat-bearer carries the incense.
Candle-bearers are Lucifers…

I thought a candle bearer was an “Acolyte”.

An Acolyte is a ministry that a person is instituted into by the bishop (formerly a minor order), and it can cover any of the duties of an altar server.

Yes of course! My bad… major synaptic miss-fire or something (a.k.a. “senior moment”) :confused:. But yes, you are correct.

Yes, this is important answer! A crucifer (CROO-si-fer) carries a cross – the suffix “-fer” indicates a “bearer” or “carrier”, as with aquifer (a water-bearing layer of earth), conifer (a cone-bearing plant), and Lucifer (light-bearer). A crucifier (CROO-si-fy-er) is a person who carries out the act of crucifixion.

correct! got shocked with the crucifier answer ^ ^ peace

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