How is your prayer routine?


I’ve been waiting to make my prayer routine better, so I’d like some suggetions! How is your prayer routine and what do you generally pray daily??

I am finishing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, so it’s included in my daily prayers. Also, I’m trying to pray the full Holy Rosary everyday, and I always pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. However, I feel like I can add something else, so I’d like to hear it from you :slight_smile:


6am coffee and the daily readings with my wife. Listen to some short reflections on the readings. Discuss with the wife.
The rest of the daily prayer routine is a struggle for me and more often than not I fail to keep the discipline. I like to use the breviary for day prayer at 9, 12, and 3. But I am failing miserably with that.

9pm night prayer with the wife. Gratitude for the day, asking for forgiveness, praying for others.
If I am up at night the rosary is close by and I pray that, but usually fall asleep before done.
Cardinal Sarah’s book on silence is an influence for me lately. It has helped me shut off the noise and rest in God’s presence.


I wake up between 5-6am, pray my Morning Offering with the Pope’s intentions, Memorare, prayers of my Community (about 3 of these, depending on the day), the Angelus, and Lauds. I also include some spontaneous stuff and a long list of personal intentions/patron saint intercession requests. Takes about 30 minutes or so.

At noon, 3pm, and 6pm, I repeat a few of those, mostly the Community ones — only 5-10 minutes. Evenings usually allow me 30 or so minutes of spiritual reading. Bedtime, I just say a spontaneous “thank you” and ask for a safe and peaceful night while mentally reviewing my day for blessings and shortcomings.

If I have time (especially in the morning), I’ll watch an online Mass or add hours from the Office.

Edit to add: My advice is find something that “speaks” to your heart and add slowly… my routine has been built over many years.


Morning offering, morning prayer from LOTH, and various other prayers and petitions (St. Michael, St. Joseph, Guardian angel, etc); then 3 rosaries in the morning (I get up early, so all this is done by about 6:30 a.m.). At 3:00 p.m. chaplet of Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart litany. Last of 4 rosaries then or sometime during the day. Brief night prayer and, often, spiritual reading. Adoration once or twice a week, and daily Mass.

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How about ‘filler prayer’ while you’re going about your day? “God bless…(list of people)”…“Jesus, please shed your Precious Blood upon…(list of people)” ??

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I try to pray mentally. I pray even during street sports training, and even when I unbend the expander in my hand, or just when I stand somewhere in the shop in line, I pray with simple phrases. Two, three phrases.
In general, if you don’t have anything to do, it’s better to pray than just look at the ceiling.


Rosary at 3pm, night prayers as a family. Random spontaneous prayer in between. At bed:
St Michael prayer for church & world
Hail Mary for all I’ve promised to pray for
Memorare for my husband & our marriage

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The time change messed me up. I am always sleepy. :yawning_face:

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I think it’s good to include both spontaneous and structured prayers into your everyday life. I pray spontaneously at various times throughout the day (I often find myself saying “Lord Jesus, help me,” or “Jesus Christ, be with me”), and I also tend to pray in the car. I love the prayer to St. Michael, and find myself praying that as many as ten times over the course of the day.

As for structured prayers, I have been trying to pray right when I wake up in the morning (I pray several prayers, including the Memorare and a few prayers that I wrote several months ago). Then I usually attend daily Mass. I also pray the Rosary at least once each day.

I also highly recommend reading the Bible.

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This is just my Rule, which might not work for other people. Each Eastern Christian has his or her own individual Prayer Rule, which is given to them by their confessor:

  • The Trisagion prayers
  • 10 minutes with the Jesus Prayer
  • 3 prayers from “Morning Prayers” or “Evening Prayers” in my Orthodox prayer book
  • 1 chapter of the Gospels
  • 1-2 paragraphs from a recent elder’s book (Sophrony of Essex, Silouan the Athonite, etc.)

Once in the morning & once at night, at set times (6am and 9pm)

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I try to wake up at 0300 and pray Matins and Lauds, if I don’t wake up until four I’ll pray Lauds, and if I don’t wake up until 0430 then I’ll pray Lauds at 0630.

I pray Prime at 0830, Terce at 1030, Sext at 1250, None at 1500, and Vespers between 17-1930, then Compline right before bed.

I try to read sacred scripture and and spiritual works as well.


Morning prayer from the LOTH’s, followed by Quiet Interior Meditation for 10-20 minutes

Afternoon at 3 PM, I pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, followed by Quiet Interior Meditation.

Between 4-4:30 PM, Evening Prayer from the LOTH’s with my wife, followed by a Prayer to Our Lady of Mt Carmel, with three Hail Mary’s, Glory Be and Act of Contrition.

Before bed, final prayer thanking God for His blessings and to keep us safe while we sleep.

BTW, I’m retired now, but the only difference is the afternoon prayer time, which when I was working I didn’t have time for and Evening Prayer was after supper.

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Pretty Solid :slightly_smiling_face:

I wake up at 12:00 am after 8 hours of sleep, then do some simple thanksgiving and morning prayers and stretching. At 6 am, I would go gardening, cooking, and doing other household chores while praying for everyone. Relaxing before the mountain and bay view while chilling with Mozart’s Serenade no. 10 and contemplating hehe. I don’t forget, I pray the Angelus and 3 o’ clock prayer. I’ll go on our rooftop and borrow the awesome view of the sunset if still awake at 6pm. Saying prayers as the sun goes down and reciting Psalms. At night, I recite prayers whie chilling under the moonlight. Then the samethings would follow the next day. It feels awesome to be connected to GOD and nature.

Currently, morning prayer using Fr. Lasance’s My Prayer Book, Sext and None Traditional Divine Office, the Rosary, daily prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and finally Fr. Lasance’s evening prayer. I also pray for special intentions throughout the day.

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