How Islamic State rewards its fighters by exploiting the refugee crisis in Libya


How Islamic State rewards its fighters by exploiting the refugee crisis in Libya:


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“Sirte is strategically important for Islamic State. The city sits on a highway connecting two hubs of Libya’s people-smuggling trade — Ajdabiya in the northeast, where migrants stop to settle fees with smugglers, and fishing ports in the west, where boats depart for Europe every week.”

"From this bastion, Islamic State has found numerous ways to profit from the refugee crisis, despite the group’s declaration that migration is “a dangerous major sin” in the September issue of its magazine, “Dabiq.”

“The extremist group has taxed smugglers in exchange for safe passage and has used well-beaten smuggling routes to bring in new fighters, according to Libyan residents interviewed by phone, a senior U.S. official and a U.N. Security Council report published in July.”

I don’t quite understand these statements. :shrug: Since the Islamic state believes migration to be a major sin, it makes sense that they would attempt to hinder migration efforts. One may argue that taxing travelers and recruiting fights from the smuggling routes hinders the migration effort.


Yes, ISIS wants to deter Muslims from emigrating to Europe, where it is said they risk spiritual pollution.

However, the “reward” mentioned in the title of this thread seems to be the capture and trading of non-Muslim women, who then are used as sex slaves.


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