How It's Made

Thanks to Netflix I can watch “How It’s Made” whenever I want. Does anyone else watch it? It’s really educational and I have never seen an episode that was anything but G rated. It’s really fun to see how things are produced and how people make their living.

This is kind of a random post, but if you are ever looking for something to watch I recommend it.


It is a great show! My entire family enjoys watching it and learning. We also have seen and like “How Do They Do It?” and “Factory Made,” but I think we all prefer “How It’s Made.”

It’s a great show and I watch it all the time.

I have watched it many times, I appreciate how they present the information, without flashy camera work and other dramatics. It is an interesting show.


One of the things I like best about the show is how some of the stuff that doesn’t seem at all interesting sometimes turns into the fascinating segments. And the slow-motion shots.

I watched it a lot on Netflix after my son was born and I would be up at all hours of the night.

I love the show’s “just the facts” plain production style. The narrator never even appears on screen. I think it’s originally from Canada, is it still on air there?

We love this show too. I must confess that some of my fascination is not always with the actual product, instead it is with the machines that do the work. Almost every time I watch it with my son, at some point I exclaim “Look at that machine (that makes that hole or breaks things apart or pushes things along etc.) Who came up with that??”

Yes, I am easily entertained…:rolleyes:

I was happy to see my now 11 year old daughter watching the show when she was 9. She always watched those kid shows but was taken in by the clear narration and imagery.

This show is bit like a magician giving away his secrets. It’s brilliant and interesting, but I was a little depressed after seeing how gourmet chocolate is made. I like to believe chocolate fell from heaven.:slight_smile:

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