How Jesus Should have said the words of institution if one is ...

How Jesus Should have said the words of institution if one is …

Someone sent this to me.
Does anyone know its source ?

PS. I do not mean to sound blasphemous


This meme is on point :cool:

I am almost convinced that some are willing to go to hell if it means they do not have to be Catholic. Really.

Does no one notice that our Lord spoke these words after the point at which He stopped speaking in parables (John 16:29)? And, that His parables always began with “There was a man…”, “A sower went…”, “Two men were…” or similar? Very general and non-specific.

“This is My Body” is as specific as He could be.


Very good summary but JW’s think likewise Adventists even calling emblems. Plus only 144.000 people in the entire history can eat the emblems. They believe about 20.000 of them are alive today.

So the proper subtitle would be:

This is an emblem of my body exclusively to 144.000 persons.

And the Lutheran one must be added the word “temporarily”. Because they believe the Real Presence is only valid during the service.

The JW’s also believe that the emblems are temporarily valid.

The emblems are valid only during the memorial meeting. After that the emblems are ordinary food and usually can be eaten by anyone (or just throwed in the garbage. It’s not required a special or specific disposal AFAIK).

And they do this memorial just once in a year in a very unique calendar that almost never coincide with the Jewish 14th of Nissan.


This is an annual temporary emblem of my body exclusively to 144.000 persons.

They left out one: This is my body if you believe it is, otherwise it’s a symbol.

That was what my parent’s last evangelical-style church taught. I thought it was kind of strange.

Thanks for posting OP!

There’s also the middle of the road Anglican position “This is my body, but only in a spiritual sense”


And people say Protestant theology takes Jesus at face value. No offense.

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