"How libraries are being used to corrupt children and what you can do about it"



The problem with just posting a link, Max, is that people like me aren’t going to waste our valuable time reading something that may not be of any interest to us whatsoever.

A second problem is that we don’t know your views on whatever matters the linked article raises. As this is a forum, it might be a good idea to post your views.


Let’s picture this not being drag queens, but something else…:thinking:

NRA story time.
Catholic Saint story time.
Republican story time.
Pro-Life story time.

Would we see this happening, or would it immediately be shut down?

But Drag queen story time is okay. :flushed:


They tried it at a library an hour from where we live and it was a big old mess. The library board acted like it was perfectly fine and there shouldn’t have been any disagreement with them having it. But I do believe it ended up being moved to another facility because people did not want their taxes paying for things like this to take place at the library.


It’s a dumb idea, but I don’t really want to hear any more about it than I have to.


Build robust church libraries.


Apparently Drag Queen Story Hour is not just a local organization, it seems pretty well organized. Here is it’s website.

Personally, I think libraries can do just fine without drag queens reading to children.


The area where I live is slightly left-of-center politically, and I say that because Democrats win a little more than half the elections, but Republicans have a robust presence.

I was really surprised that the next town over from me had a drag queen story hour.
But it’s one of the few subscription libraries left in the country, so maybe their decision making is different…

The administrators and management of public libraries tend to be liberal. They view it as their mission to promote and represent their liberal views against what people actually want.



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Well well well. Shows the true colors doesn’t it.


An event for teens too! A teen drag queen workshop:


God have mercy on us and on the whole world.



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It was a big success in North Conway New Hampshire with many(50 plus) showing up to support.

Was stopped at another library in NH but then they switched to teens to make it more palatable and it went on.

Northeast has many because of Massachusetts. This area is very LGBT political and very well organized.

Libraries have been corrupted for years but the sad part is mothers need them because they do programs for toddlers for free and in the cold of winter it is a warm place for kids to socialize.

Not just okay, but celebrated, encouraged, and praised. One can only feel sorry and pray for the clueless parents, and more so their unfortunate children, who attend these acts of horror. They must think they are part of some great liberating movement, some defining epoch of human anthropology, just aching to attend these events and share the experience on social media so their friends and family can just see how tolerant and open minded they are.


Of course the lgbtqetc. league would immediately be outraged.


That’s the first time I’ve heard Revelation 6 put like that. Fascinating!

Would you prefer an image? Like this one from last week at Multnomah County Library in Oregon? Would you like me to post an excerpt from a typical set of “safe touching” guidelines for adult volunteers working with minors? Guidelines that this man is egregiously violating, with the obvious approval of library staff?

From their own “About” page:
"DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. "

“Gender fluidity.” In children as young as 3 and 4.

This excerpt might as well read, “we are going to indoctrinate and groom young children at their most vulnerable stage of life.” They really aren’t trying very hard to mask their strategy at all; maybe they’re so far gone into darkness they think they’re doing something came good.

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