"How libraries are being used to corrupt children and what you can do about it"

I too was on our local library board.

I have never heard of any of this drag queen stuff before now.

But I think one of the reasons libraries tend to be left leaning is because of the friction over funding. Conservatives don’t want to pay for public libraries and often don’t choose to support them, which in turn leaves the libraries to the liberals.

So if you don’t like how your library is run, how about quit complaining and get involved?




I sure will, if they try start this hellish programming in my area. Though I very much doubt they would.

I watched a program a few years ago about a librarian down in Iowa who advocated dirty books: Chaucer, Rabelais, Balzac…


Yeah, these books being reviewed and recommended are a long way from anything literary. The old word for them would have been “smut”, I think…:joy:. Your tax dollars at work! (Assuming your library has them)…

One can only wonder what type of parent - especially father - would allow this to happen to their child.

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The Music Man


Make that Indiana!


I highly doubt the father is even in the picture with that case.


…Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome

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Ya Got Trouble


I knew a guy once who played Harold Hill in a community theater production. Saw a couple of years ago he’s now on death row for murdering two people. True story. Nobody saw that coming.

“With a capital L (rhymes with Hell), and that stands for lethal injection…”

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They do not see as influencing their child.

We have them here in small towns and many parents come out in support as well as pastors.

The parents see themselves as supportive, progressive in that showing a drag queen is not going to influence their child so if they take their child to see it it is a one time event and may never happen again so what is the big deal.

They see themselves as forward thinking(on higher ground), loving inclusive parents and many believe it is something you are born with so no real threat.

How is one born a drag queen? Seems like a choice to me.
Just like it’s a choice to psychologically abuse children with their wicked displays. And the parents are complicit. That’s their choice.


One who needs some jail time. Ditto for the “drag queens” with their child abuse. Prison.

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I’m not sure how it is progressive or forward thinking for a parent to think, “hey, this is a great idea, I’m going to take my kid to the library to listen to a middle age man dressed up like a woman in gaudy makeup read some stories, then they can roll around on the ground together.”

If anything, it is regressive and backward thinking. Worshiping the golden calf of tolerance and diversity bereft of any moral connection.


Speaking of libraries, here’s one hosting a real grooming operation. I do not recommend clicking on the links that LSN warns against. Truly demonic and disgusting.
I don’t care what others might think, I thank God for LSN exposing this stuff.

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LifeSite News, Crisis, First Things, heck even Breitbart, are picking up the slack of covering and exposing the issues that the Church hides from. God Bless their work.


The tactic is usually to attack the messenger. Sorry, folks, recorded images are evidence.

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As far back as 2010, public libraries were pushing soft porn, particularly homosexual, to young teens as in like the book depicted here. Writers like Mariko Tamaki and Jandy Nelson are typical of this trend. They are enriching themselves off this kind of literary grooming.

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