How long after confession

how long after confession do you start feeling strong and mighty again… i mean i confessed this morning and i do know that i am forgiven and in a state of grace but how long until the intellect and mind is cleared of darkness…

Advice – pray a good deal. Draw near to Jesus --he is the Good Shepherd.

Renew your baptismal vows – your discipleship as a Christian.

And be patient with your “feelings”.

^Agreed! Feelings are not necessarily indicative of our actual state. Someone with a hardened heart likely feels fine in their state, but it does not mean that they are ok.

Those doubts/negative feelings are not from God, you have been forgiven of those sins and he does not continue to convict you after you have already been forgiven!

Christs agony in Gethsemane likely continued. Granted this is not a conviction of sin, but I doubt He skipped in joy after He prayed. He knew what was coming and continued despite the fact that His emotions weren’t in it.

So just because your emotions aren’t there doesn’t mean that you haven’t done the right thing.:thumbsup:

Read whole…(including about indulgences)

Good feelings sometimes follow Confession, but not always.

That’s one of the reasons I love being Catholic. I can know with certitude that I am forgiven even when my feelings might otherwise lead me to doubt it.

I am replying as an Anglican and therefore my own experience but for me this really varies. Sometimes its an invisible straight away or almost never in that not always that buzz to it. I had a tough confession myself yesterday through what he was saying to me were things that I didn’t quite want to hear but I do acknowledge that and I freerly admit (even to the priest) I do use confession different to any RC’s never mind we anglicans that go to it, and that priest has a lot more to go on me than the average anglican penitant and between all that I did need to hear and they were questions rather than telling me, but between it all, and well and I think that yes the sin part is forgiven and he kept telling me or at least that God loves us, ‘you’ as ‘you’ are and don’t need to be someone I am not… Sometimes we look too much into something and can’t see the obvious because we are too busy searching? But please, try not to focus on that cleared mind feeling because that in return will send you searching more and more for it. It don’t always happen for me and sometimes I think it more to do with that sometimes get that what I call, ‘feels like going to the dentist feeling’ so when come out there is relief it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get that dentist feeling yesterday so I didn’t come out relieved. But God does love you and may be your clear relief feeling is in form of comfort rather than a buzz? Looking for something that isn’t there just confuses us more because we think it should be there and to be honest that isn’t helpful.
If you are still concerned then talk to your priest about it because something else may be playing on your mind that an open talk may help you.

I know what you mean here. For me, I need to go home and do some heavy prayer. The penance the priest assigns is generally insufficient to give me that confidence and reassurance (note: that’s not what it’s intended for), so I like to supplement with additional penitential exercises, such as reciting the penitential psalms or praying the chaplet.

Praying this way helps give me a deeper sense of the sacrament’s efficacy.

Like other have said its not about feeling. After confession we are forgiven and strong in grace. After confession for the most part I am really aware of what I am doing. Its down the road where I start to become a little blinded of my sin which reminds me that I should examine my concience and figure out when I can get back to confession.

thank you for the responses, i too like one of the posters mentioned i prayed a great deal in the morning and wan tto continue to do so, i now that the penance is sufficient but i do lie to go beyond that , even while doing penance sometimes to just i dont know assure i guess or to just pray more…

the worst thing about sin is the fact that it althoug hyou are absolved it is somewhat still in your mind, when you dont sin for al ong time you dont think about sin its the oppsoite, i guess time will heal, i want to feel great again lie i did before,

I never do. I feel humble and grateful for God’s mercy.

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