How long before the Don loses his Teflon?


I’ve had some thoughts about the staying power of Trump. He is unpopular, two thirds of the country don’t like him, however that might not matter at the moment and I think there’s a couple of reasons for this.

  • There are definitely people, like my brother, who will freely say he’s incompetent or a one term President. However they take great fun watching him tick off the “establishment”.
  • People treat politics as some sort of reality show, have their favorite characters, and love the drama.
  • A large number are turned off and don’t care what he does.
  • A good many are just plain angry or feel left behind and his bravado appeals to them.
  • Some hold their nose and hope that he’ll support their, often conservative, cause.

There’s a few observations I have.

  • This “outside” bashing the establishment can only go on so long before it creates serious issues for the country, no matter how good it might feel.
  • I think little will get done and at some point a good portion of his support may wither because of this. Why? This President cares more about what makes him look good or fulfills his cavernous need to be revered. Because of this, what few policy positions he has flip flop quite easily. His recent side deal with the Democrats on the debit limit is a great recent example. He berates the Republican Congress endlessly and this causes resentment towards him.
  • The Congressional Republicans are so divided on budgetary issues, it’s hard to get any quorum of legislation. It killed any opposition to Obamacare spectacularly and I will almost guarantee you it will be the same with any tax code changes or the budget. Remember budgetary issues in the Senate require a super majority. Republicans don’t have this and probably couldn’t have one even if they did on paper.

Where does this go in 2018 and 2020? I really don’t know. The Democrats still have to find any footing their platform or even vibrant (young) leader like Obama was 10 years ago. With the Republicans I don’t know how long the stick it to the establishment vs likely very little getting done (especially campaign promises) I laid out above will last.


Hopefully it will lead to a Constitutional Convention. We need one badly.

Convention of States

List of State Applications for an Article V Convention


Maybe for term limits. Otherwise I think what is sorely missing is a viable third party. Our current parties only promote fighting. Both are in disarray, even the Republicans who control the Federal and many state governments.


I’m like your brother. I don’t support Trump, but I’m somewhat enjoying his off-the-cuff presidency.

Given the actions of the Clintons and their ilk, I’m also more terrified of the “establishment” than ever. Its truly disturbing.

I hope that the result of this is that more of those in business become involved in politics to the point where “career politician” is no longer a thing.


One (me) could say that our 44th and 45th presidents did not belong in the party that they ran in for the election. Obama is more of a Progressive than a Democrat, and Trump is more of an Independent than a Republican. But neither the Progressive or Independent platform could win an election. The Democratic Party has been the Democratic Party in name only since Clinton left office. And Trump’s decision to run on a Republican ticket was just a prudent call if he ever wanted a decent chance to win, despite the pushback he got from the RNC…look at Reince Priebus now. :rofl:


Trump isn’t going to lose anything, but he isn’t going to accomplish much either, not with both parties working against him constantly. He should just keep doing what he is doing there is no reason to try and appease two corrupt political parties. The presidency is a joke and a lost cause.


we can thank president trump for confirming for everyone that too many in our congress answer first to the rich and powerful and other special interests to the detriment of the common good.

the presidency is very close to being a monarchy. i say this primarily because the congress is too divided to function effectively. this is why obama legislated through executive orders. it would not be surprising, if the congress’ division continues to make it ineffective, to see president trump having to resort to using executive orders in the same way that obama did.

the weaknesses of our constitution have, through its existence, been adequately identified and now are being fully exploited by special interests.


I hope he doesn’t begin to rely on executive orders. That said, I do hope that the fruit of his presidency is an extremely fractured and dismantled Congress that we can rebuild without lifelong, special interest driven politicians.


I suspect Trump is keeping a specific list of both sides of the isle, (Dems and Rep) of candidates that he deems as the swamp, that he will work to get un-elected in the next elections by enlisting candidates to run against them that he will support. The Dems lost over 1000 seats across the country in the last election. And they are still, stinging over that. I wonder how the next election(s) works out for them? Faces will be missing on the Rep side as well as a result of their obstruction. As for the press, and the polls, they and the pollsters got everything 100% wrong over the last year, and they are still getting it wrong… When you say 2/3 of the country doesn’t like Trump, does that come from those same folks who got the polling numbers 100% wrong last year for the entire year? When considering likability, congress AND the press are in low single digits. I think we will see some huge changes in the coming elections.


Considering that he first, wasn’t supposed to get the nominaion, second, wasn’t supposed to win, third, wasn’t supposed to be inaugurated, fourth, was supposed to be impeached or forced out almost immediately, and fifth, was supposed to have completely decimated the country by now in some way if he continued in office, and none of those things have happened, I’d call his Presidency a moderate success so far.


I just read yesterday his approval rating is at 44%.
To the democrats and the left, he lost his
Teflon before he was elected and I don’t
think he will fall out of favor with the rest of the country no matter how hard the democrats and the left try to smear him
and find fault with him.


More like 39% overall according to this very non-partisan multiple poll tracker:

Real Clear Politics Polling


Personally I don’t think he is. But, IF he was shouldn’t this scare you a bit? Yes, Presidents always will support their parties…but working against his own party candidates is a very Authoritarian move.

Again calling members of an elected body obstructionist and targeting them for replacement since the don’t support the President’s agenda is a strong arm tactic to circumvent the consitutianal checks and balances designed to avert autocratic rule. Elected officials should have the ability to vote with their conscience, not a powerful master’s (finances; powerful groups that can smear them, especially nationally; etc.) agenda who will drop them at a hat to find another toddy who will do their bidding. How would you feel if the opposite were true?

My point really was that how many people think of him has ineffective or unqualified and yet revel in watching other Republicians and the Democrats squirm dealing with him.


I read 44% approval.


Of course you did.

But that was hype about one poll, Rasmussen: the one that Trump boasted had him at 50% a while back; the one that has never had him less than 40%; and the one that surveys not popular opinion but picks what it deems to be likely voters.

Gallup has him at 37%, the aggregate at 538 is 38.5%, and RCP, as noted above, is also south of 40%.

There is more information out there than what you select to read


Actually it has gone below 40% a few times:

Either way, everything is relative. He was polling 59% on this poll at its peak.


Wow, I didn’t realize that he dipped below 40 at at the start of August. Funny that that didn’t make news!


The parties are realigning similar how the political landscape changed during the War of 1812 or pre-Civil War election. The Democrats are clearly globalist at this point, while nationalists have their best shot with the Republican party after Trump’s successful takeover.


His low numbers did make the news in
August. Now they are up.


By 1-2%…they’re standing right now where they have been all summer.

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