How long before the Don loses his Teflon?


There has always been a very pro-business/globalist wing of the Republican Party. If you pay attention, he nominated a good number of them to his cabinet.


I would have thought that that wing was the Republican Party, until recent events.


Rasmussen was also one of the few who predicted/polled that Trump would win, so I wouldn’t discount what they say.


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Congratulations on your new job. Your presence will be missed.
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No it isn’t a new job, sorry for the confusion. I have the summer off and only commence work when school starts.

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If you would like a data rich analysis of the accuracy of various polls, 538 does a nice job.
If you would prefer anecdotes, then at least make an effort to provide documentation. Fact-checking before posting would be a great idea.


Easy enough to validate despite my not having put a link.


Hardly. The problem is that it that the “fact” that you posted is not true in any sense that passes the reasonable person test.


Oops sorry! Well, hope you will be around as much as possible.
I had a good laugh today. I had never seen the video of Trump hitting the golf ball and they tie it in with Hillary tripping when she boards the airplane. It looks like Hillary is hit by the golf ball in the back which causes her to fall. Of course, that is not what happened, but it makes me laugh.
The left is trying to make Don lose his Teflon everyday. So far he keeps persevering and he has a lot of people
praying for him.


Mr Trump is our President, it would do many good to realize it and move on. He is the only one trying to work within the Constitution. The whole DACA thing violated the constitution, Mr Trump has opened the window for congress to make it right by passing legislation! Yet they choose not to…


That was a despicable video for the president to post.

Despicable. He’s the president. He should act like one instead of an out of control frat boy.


Well, at least the media is reporting what he actually says.


What was despicable about it?


Tell that to Obama’s many critical pundits.

Firstly, he has now backtracked on the issue. Secondly these people are not criminals by any stretch and are often productive parts of society and tax payers. Finally, they have constitutional rights, including due process.


It’s juvenile at best. If you can put your politics aside, name me a President that has ever done something like this; or really so many times.


And you don’t consider all the skits on Saturday Night Live mocking our president as juvenile or the constant jokes on late night television or the awards show ridiculing the president juvenile?


That’s what they DO. Feel free to not watch them, their existence depends people watching them. Let’s not forget our current President’s relentlessly patently false and rude comments about about his predecessor.

Anyway this is a misdirect. A man that represents my county and welds so much power is rightly held to a MUCH higher standard.


Well, I guess you can avoid the President’s

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