How long did it take for you to discern your vocation?

How long did it take you to discern your vocation?

Was it something you always knew so it wasn’t a long and hard decision, or was it more complicated which required much time and consideration?

Is there a deadline as to when one should know their vocation or is it common to struggle with making a decision?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I always felt since I was knee high to a grasshopper that I want to be a Priest

Now, The “conviction” for this has grown stronger. The question is now “Where”

May the SACRED HEART Bless all men and women discerning their vocations, especially fellow guys feeling something for the Priesthood!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It took me one week. I had long felt a desire for marriage (in fact it was an inordinate desire for marriage), but I really had no idea what God was actually calling me to do with my life.

Anyways, one day back in June, I decided that I really needed to figure out what my vocation was and whether marriage was really what I should have been looking for. I read in the link that I attached below that if we feel that we are called to a secular life then we should ask God for more evident signs that we are called then if we were contemplating religious life since the secular life has more paths to destruction then the religious life has. So what I did was I prayed to God that if He did not give me a clear, evident sign that I was being called to marriage within one week (such as meeting a good, Catholic lady), that I would firmly resolve to take this as a sign that my vocation is that of religious life (this was an incredibly scary thing for me to do and I was shaking with fear as I was praying these words… absoluely unsure of what I would do if God didn’t give me some kind of sign as I wasn’t actually prepared for the possibility that my vocation was not marriage).

The next several days were incredible. God helped to me to deal with my fear of not getting married by showing me that this fear was really the result of an inner desire for lust that had been hindering me. After finally understanding the story of Tobias and Sara I realized that our desire for marriage needs to come from an inner desire to do God’s will and not to satisfy our own selfish appetites. As the week progressed I found my fear of not getting married starting to become less… the desire to be married was still present but the thought of being a priest or religious no longer frightened me. By the sixth day I was starting to feel comfortable with the thought of preaching homilies or living a contemplative life. I went to bed that night feeling very close to God’s love and I honestly don’t know how long I was asleep before I was jolted awake by a dream where I was surrounded by blackness and the following words were spoken to me very clearly. The words said: “I am calling you to be a married man”. When I woke up, my heart was racing and I felt such tremendous excitement at the complete confidence that God is calling me to the vocation that I truly desired.

Of course, it could be a long time before I actually get married so, for the time being, I’m called to the vocation of singlehood and I’m going to do my best to enjoy it as much as possible while striving to love God each and every day!

This catechism on vocations was instrumental in me discerning my vocation and I strongly recommend it:

God bless!

About ten years, during three of which I contemplated religious life and ultimately concluded that wasn’t what the Lord intended for me. Prior to that, I had no idea what I was called to do. :confused: Still, there was for me no real struggle with the discernment process, just a lot of praying—with serenity and patience—to ask God to make His will known.

No deadline that I am aware of (I know a priest who entered seminary in his late 40s and another who did so in his early 50s :thumbsup:).

These are great everyone. Thanks for sharing! I hope more people will chime in and keep them coming!

I can relate to this very well. The same occurred with me… it surprised me so much too when it occurred because I didn’t think I was the ‘type’ for religious life- I mean the thought of it was super scary to me, (and when I was younger I must be honest I thought it was yucky!) but then later when I really wanted to consider where God wanted me in life and did much prayer and contemplation about it all, to me it became a wonderful gift to consider.

I’m so grateful to have seen how beautiful a religious vocation is- something I think most people don’t ever really get to see nor take the time to understand. (I know my family does not understand) I was very joyous too when this all occurred. Still am!

For me, I felt called to religious life for about 4 years before I really started discerning seriously and that was about a year ago. I’m now discerning with a religious community and hoping to enter sometime in late 2013/early 2014. I’m still discerning, and even up into my final vows I will still be discerning.

Saying that, I also had a sudden sort of epiphany one day. I’d thought about religious life before but didn’t think it was really a possibility. Then a documentary on young women entering religious life and I realised that the things they said when they spoke about their vocation were the things I felt in my own heart. So I guess I could also say God just told me in a moment!

It took me 15 years to discern with 4 years of serious discernment before entering seminary this year

I became an Opus Dei cooperator after a few months exposure to the prelature, but I believe I am called to the vocation of an Opus Dei supernumerary. With God’s blessing and at His pace, I hope to write my letter to Rome by the Feast of St. Joseph next year.

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