How long did you date?

Hello all. This is a question for the married. I was wondering, how long did you know your spouse before you got engaged, and how long were you engaged before you were married? Just curious, since I’m now well into the age where marriage is a real possibility for me, and I really have no idea what an average or eve suitable length of courtship is

well, i think it truly depends upon the couple… i have heard some couples waiting 3-5 years to marry after getting engaged. to me that seems rather long.

i began dating my husband, and we dated for about eight months. at the time, i wasn’t a Christian, so any hopes of the relationship going further were on hold. i converted month eight, and after that we began planning to marry.

there wasn’t a formal engagement, per se. we just knew that we were getting married from the point on, and four months later, did. he did buy me a cute, wee metal ring at a garage sale that summer (50 cents), and that was my engagement ring. nothing fancy, but very cute, and i still have it.

but the thing is, you won’t know until you meet him, and every couple is different. make sure you know him- his wonderful points, and his great faults. don’t rush the courtship period, and go with what feels natural to you as a couple.

Because of work and other issues, my wife and I dated for seven years.

We dated for two years before deciding to get married, and were engaged for one year.
I really believe it depends on the couple but I think at least a year is needed before we get to know someone relatively well and experience a few ups and downs that demonstrate what the relationship is like.

My wife and I never actually dated, though from the moment I met her I knew she was the one for me.

We were friends for 16 years before getting engaged, and our engagement lasted seven months. We’ve now been happly married for 13 years.


My DH and I dated for 7 months before becoming engaged, although we had both decided long before that (I would say within the first two months of dating) that we wanted to marry.

After becoming engaged we waited 13 months to get married, mostly because of scheduling issues (we were both still working on finishing school).

average does not equal normal or suitable, each couple is unique
met at age 16 in HS, married at 19, just celebrated 40 years, 3kids plus fosters, 9 grandkids

I tend to notice that most people on this forum have short(er) periods of dating/engagement than most people I know. It seems that most people on CAF are married within 2 years of meeting one another.

I met my husband my first year in high school. We were friends for 5 years and then dated for 4 years followed by a year of engagement.

My sister, on the other hand, dated her new fiance for two years before they got engaged. But she’s known him since second grade. If it were not for college, they probably would have been engaged within 6 weeks.

We dated for a little over 1 1/2 years before we were engaged…
We were engaged for 1 year before we got married…
Now married ALMOST 9 1/2 years!

9 months of dating+engagement= 18 yrs of marriage + 9 kids :smiley:

We were young and in school so we dated almost 2 years before we got engaged then it was another 2 before we got married, so we just celebrated out 15th Wedding Anniversary but have been together for almost 20 years :slight_smile:

The following is Absolutely true. I met her, and after 3 days proposed. She said yes. Had a year long engagement, -me in Canada, she in NY. Now married 28 years with 4 daughters, and 3 miscarried in Heaven.

Probably beacuse we are better at discerning…? Just kidding…:wink:

dated 2 months before we got engaged

engaged for 1 1/2 years

married 15 years this June:love:

My husband and I just got married in December :slight_smile:

We started dating May of '06 right before we both started 4 year doctoral degrees. We got engaged spring of our second year (so about 2 years of dating). We were engaged 20 months…even then we still had about 5 months of school left. I think engagement anywhere from 12-16 months is perfect…we honestly were really ready to be married earlier. But because of circumstances waited till we had a 7 week break December of our fourth year. It worked out really well for us because then we were able to enjoy some time for a honeymoon and a break from school as newly weds :slight_smile:

Most Catholic churches require 6-12 months of marriage prep. I really think this is a wise move by the church because if adequate marriage prep is done, a couple can be so much stronger for it.

We met in college, knew each other for seven years, were engaged for eight months, got married, had four children (one in heaven), and are less than half a year away from our 25th wedding anniversary.

i would assume people here pray for the right one, and when God delivers the right one you just can’t deny it

i’ve had many relationships before i met my wife, some long, some short, some not quite so formal. but i only dated my wife for 8 months, then i proposed and 10 months later we were married

now we’ve been together for 3.5 years and have an (almost) 6 week old son

unlike my previous relationships that some may have lasted longer in the dating phase, we were at the right age that we knew what we wanted. and i have prayed for the longest time and God delivered at the right moment. it was undeniable that we really are a perfect match :thumbsup:

Hubs officially proposed after 8 months of dating (though he “asked” me to marry him several times throughout). Then 7 until we were married. It was going to be 1 yr, but we couldn’t wait… we thought, the sooner the better! :smiley:

We went on our first date on September 22nd 2005, got engaged 4 1/2 months later on February 14th (sometimes when you know, you know!) and ended up marrying a year to the day from our first date. I was 24 and he was 28. On the other hand, one of my best friends is getting married this July and she and her boyfriend started dating in 2003.

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