How long do I have to wait to become a Catholic?


I am a Protestant, already baptized, and considering converting to the Catholic Church. Right now I am doing lots of reading on the Early Church Fathers and Catholic apologetics. I am really getting close to embracing Catholicism fully. Is it too close to Easter to make it this year? Is there a required length of time in RCIA? How does God look at someone participating in the Church but unable to receive the sacraments? How much can I participate until I am received?


RCIA is primarily for the catechesis and sacramental initiation of the unbaptized. For Christians who are entering into full communion with the Church, it is preferred for them to be instructed and be received into the Church separately from the RCIA. Many parishes do ask non-Catholic Christians to go through the RCIA program for practical and pastoral purposes, but this is not absolutely required. I suggest that you contact the pastor of your local parish and ask him to assess your readiness to be received into the Church. If he determines that you are not yet fully ready, ask if he or someone on staff at the parish whom he trusts will complete your instruction.

You can participate at Mass to the extent you feel comfortable, with the exception of Communion. As for how God views your situation, please rest assured that he knows that you are following him to the best of your ability. God judges us on how well we followed him according to the light of truth that we had.

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